Food: Make your own cake frosting

It is really easy to make a basic butter cream cake frosting.

2 tbsp unsalted butter, allowed to soften. You can do this by leaving it out on the counter or zap it in the microwave for 7 to 12 seconds to get it there. Start with a 7 second burst, then 5 seconds.

4oz. cream cheese

1 cup confectioners sugar

Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and either whisk or use an electric mixer until it’s a nice, creamy texture.

Now if you want to flavor it, use extracts, about 3tsp per batch of frosting. And this scales, just double to amount, or triple, quadruple, etc. of all the ingredients.

For example, I used orange extract. But you could also use cocoa powder, and other flavorants to make whatever you’d like. And some food color can change the color of the frosting too.

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