Voter Apathy (Or potential voter apathy)

So I note that Marriage Equality RI is going to be at Gay Bingo this evening. Unfortunately I’m unable to attend.

And on the MERI Blog they note that the RI Secretary of State’s office will be there to talk about Voter ID.

This is great. However I might want to tell the folks at MERI a little tale.

A vast number of their supporters are NOT registered to vote. I can recall when I did some work with MERI a couple years ago we ran the supporter list against the RI voter database and we were shocked that around 27% had valid registrations, a full 73% were not registered to vote in the state of Rhode Island.

And I’ve noticed this when I’ve been at DC401, less than HALF of us were registered to vote. Some of the folks were students but if you spend six or more months domiciled in the state, you can register to vote. In fact the system in place, the Central Voter Registration Database, allows you to register 30 days before an election.

As to ID, you can simply visit that Secretary of State’s office at 148 West River st, Providence, RI 02904.

Yes it is a little bit of a hassle but do it. The more of us that vote, the better the chance of effecting real change.

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