Trayvon Martin: Police chief temporarily steps down

I predicted this one, the chief of Police in Sanford, Florida has now temporarily stepped down.

What I find interesting in the article is that he’s only been on the job for a year, replacing a prior chief who went down in flames.

I think the problems with the Sanford Police are deeper than just the chief. I think it has a serious lack of leadership.

That Lee said he was interested in keeping out people who didn’t belong there, I had read all I needed to know. It is embedded racism.

But I knew the chief would have to fall on his sword. With the DOJ, FBI and FDLE all breathing down his neck it is no wonder.

And now you even have the original authors of the Stand Your Ground bill saying that Zimmerman, the shooter, had forfeited his claim to self defense by pursuing Martin. It took all of this to light the fire under the prosecutors behind in order to move forward with indicting Zimmerman.

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