What do dinosaurs taste like?

This started off as just myself and Keryon goofing around. I like going barefoot in the house particularly when it’s getting warmer and the floors don’t feel like ice cubes. Going barefoot is also a good barometer of the need to scrub the floor.

But this went into our  discussion, I’m a nature boy to some degree.  I’d love to raise chickens, I love growing things, hell if I had a little bit of land I’d keep a cow or two for the milk.  Yeah, I know.  So Keyron suggested that I would be right at home iving in a cave, and I chimed in “With a dirt floor” and then he mentioned dinosaurs.

That got me to thinking,  what would  dinosaur meat taste like? For example, it has been discovered recently that some dinosaur species had feathers. Imagine T-Rex with feathers, kind of a ludicrous beast but feathers on dinosaurs mean our many birds are descended from the fearsome creatures of millions of years ago.

So with that in mind, I think they probably had a taste not completely unlike chicken. Think about all the birds we eat – they all have a slight chicken like flavor, even Turkey.

So what do you think?



2 thoughts on “What do dinosaurs taste like?

  1. We have 2.7 acres and thought about chickens…Our State Ag Dept advised that growing a few chickens for eggs would cost a lot more than buying eggs at the market…just sayin’. As for dinosaur meat…maybe something akin to gator or snake…

    1. And they do say that gator and rattlesnake taste like chicken too! And yes, I did out the numbers and it would be rather ridiculous to have chickens, but just to have the fresh eggs, that would make it worthwhile. And I could probably sell those fresh eggs to restaurants around here.

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