Favorite Movies: The Horror Edition

I have touched on my appreciation of all things Zombie in other posts. But I also should mention, I love 1970’s based horror too.

Let’s start in no particular order:

1) The Shining – Classic mind fuck movie. It’s the horror of the unknown, the manifestations, just a fun movie all around. And all work and no play do make Jack a  dull boy

2) The Exorcist – My favorite line “Lick Me!” as little Regan is trying to shove her mothers head to her crotch, and then the levitation bit. Oh yeah!

3) The Omen movies, all of them. You get to see the Devil grow up, how cool is that.  And when daddy-o figures out that his ‘son’ is the devil, he tries to kill him but fails. It’s awesome.

4) Carrie – a telekinetic teen causes some major trauma for folks. And Carrie’s momma, oh bat shit insane Christian. It just gets too good.

5) ObZombie – Dawn of the Dead. Come on, a Mall and Zombies. Easy pickings!


3 thoughts on “Favorite Movies: The Horror Edition

  1. I was way too young to see The Exorcist in the theater when it came out, but do so wish I could have been there to hear everyone gasp in horror at the “lick me!” scene.

  2. Carrie TERRIFIED me when I was a kid. The Shining is, to this day, one of my favourite horror movies and, IMHO, one of the very few cases of the movie being better than the book it’s based on. I need to get around to see the Omen remake (Lieve Screiber, yum!), the original movie scared my socks off.

    And can I make a case for Alien being one scary-ass movie that succeeds in beeing both good sci-fi and horror?


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