Issues with web performance resolved

I know you’ve seen the complaints about Firefox, etc.  I noticed it spiking the cpu, etc.

Had occasion to snap my hard drive into Keyron’s computer. It is identical to my computer with three exceptions:

1) It has a DVD burner on it.

2) it has less physical memory

3) It has an Intel 2915 wireless card, mine has the Intel 2200.

I note youtube works, everything works and the cpu isn’t hammered.  I also note no dropouts on the net connection. The behavior I was seeing was system threads on the cpu using 40% or more.

What happened was the wireless card was generating too many IRQ’s – sucking up system resources to service those interrupt requests.

The end result, new wireless card for my computer is coming.

3 thoughts on “Issues with web performance resolved

    1. I am pretty sure it will work because I’m using the hard drive from my machine on Keyron’s and it works fine. The only real difference between the two is the network card.

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