At Last, EZ Pass is in my hands

If you’ve been reading you know that I’ve had quite the saga getting an EZ Pass out of the Rhode Island Bridge and Turnpike Authority.

A brief synopsis:

I ordered one back in early December, 2011. Now I’m one who expects things I order to get there within a few days, unless of course it’s coming from Asia. But by January when I still didn’t have my transponder I wrote RIBTA and asked what was up? I also called and was told it can take weeks for the transponders to arrive.

One phone call even told me I could go down to Jamestown to pick it up. Now as you might have surmised, I’d have to rent a Zipcar to get there, incurring an additional expense.

So yesterday I sent an email to the director of the RIBTA. That letter follows:

Hello Mr. Croft,

I’m wondering if perhaps you’d be able to help resolve an issue I’ve been having with getting an EZ Pass from RIBTA delivered to my home here in Providence.

To start, here is my account number:


I ordered the EZPass back in early December of 2011.

I’ve had dealings with staff there via email and phone with the last saying I could drive down and get one. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

Here is what I am proposing:

1) It is obvious that RIBTA has transponders on hand

2) I am proposing that you priority mail a transponder to me at:


Please let me know if this proposal can be satisfied.

I received a phone call from Mr. Croft at 8:16PM last night. I described the saga for him and he asked that I be patient until this morning so he could get the story on his side.

At 9:17AM today I got a call from Ms. O’Conner gave me two options. She could drop it in the mail, or she was headed to Boston at 2:00PM and she could drop it off. She did acknowledge that they do drop-offs on occasion.

And she just dropped it off about 10 minutes ago. So I’ll be able to use my EZ Pass on our spring trip to North Carolina.

My thanks to Mr. Croft and Ms. O’Conner. Had I known writing Croft would get the ball rolling I would have done that in the first place.

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