Something I noted

That my post about Cox and their ever rising video prices is being hit by A LOT of Cox subscribers.

Good – I hope I starve Cox of some revenue. Maybe then they’ll get the hint.

Put it this way, 49 hits for that post yesterday. Overall that post has been hit 350 which represents a revenue drop of about $28,000 dollars a month, or $336,000 a year.

And I’m pretty sure the post is starting to resonate. Good, Cox should know better than to piss off bloggers.

Seriously – they’ve made some pretty ludicrous claims that power costs have gone up, etc. But I pay for electricity too and overall the rate has stayed the same for years now.

Sure, the carriage charges get ridiculous but I shouldn’t have to pay or Cox’s poorly managed video service choices. For example, I could give two shits about all the sports channels in the lineup. But I get them anyhow because you cannot avoid it.

But that will change soon. I ordered the Roku device.

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