Mea Culpa on Udacity

I had posted before where Udacity wasn’t working at all. I couldn’t drop courses, see the videos, etc. despite trying via multiple different browsers.

If you read my post about Problem Solved then you know I replaced my WiFi card on my computer.

I’m happy to report that Udacity now works. So I’ve re-registered for CS101 – Building a search engine. They’ve also added a number of new courses such as those marked with an ‘*’ are ones I wish to attend, a ‘**’ is one for which I have registered:

CS101 – Building a Search Engine(**)
CS212 – Design of Computer Programs
CS253 – Web Application Engineering (*)
CS262 – Programming Languages (JavaScript and HTML) (*)
CS373 – Programming a Robotic Car(*)
CS387 – Applied Cryptography(*)

It’s definitely going somewhere. I love it. The new CS101 starts tomorrow. This time I’ll be able to do it because I don’t have a network card stuttering along.

So my apologies to the team at Udacity. I look forward to the class!

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