What makes someone an expert in a particular field

I was reading today on how Pastor Rick Warren was on some MSNBC show talking about the economy. What exactly qualifies a religious man to talk about economic issues?

So I’d like to ask the leadership of MSNBC, what qualifications do you look for in your guests on your shows?

Because so far all the media has made some pretty poor choices. For example, on other programs the likes of Tony Perkins, and others are deferred to as experts in the matter of marriage. The reality is, they aren’t.

They are pundits, nothing more, nothing less. But why do news channels still continue to defer to them?

It’s because some networks, with the exception of Fox, want to appear to be fair and balanced.

But there’s no balance since the alleged experts with regard to gay related issues always use the same canard, the children. They actually have the gall to say that it’s wrong for children to find out there are LGBT people out there.

But all of it, every last bit of it is inspired by religious bigotry. All religions are full of bigotry if you really study them.

But religion is dying out. I see the Catholic church as having lost ALL credibility not just in the matter of the sexual abuse of children that was covered up, but in the gospel too. If they lied of committed the sin of omission regarding abuse, you can just imagine what other elements of a religion are made up.

It’s funny, every time I attend marriage equality hearings I always see the same cast of characters from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence defending the churches ‘rights’. But what they conveniently won’t tell you is that the state of Rhode Island isn’t 60% Catholic anymore. In fact it’s under 50% s why is it churches want to impose their will on the remainder of society?

It’s the same with the bigots like Tony Perkins, they want to see THEIR world view imprinted upon the rest of us.

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