Why can’t we talk about religion?

I was watching the BBC Report on Romney and the Mormon Church on YouTube earlier. You can watch below:

One of the points brought up a few times in the video are the fact that you don’t discuss religion in mixed company.

It lead me to this thought: Why not talk about it? If we all talked about it more maybe we’d all realize that almost all organized religion is based on utter bovine effluent.

The reason they don’t want people talking about it is because they realize that if two or more start talking about it outside the confines of the sanctioned meeting places, people will generally leave the flock and let others know that the religion is all based on bullshit.

Another interesting thought hit me after watching this video. Romney does not play well with U.S. Evangelicals. So those Evangelicals have three options:

1) Hold their nose and vote for Romney
2) Stay home
3) Vote for the incumbent, President Obama

Now knowing that Romney has managed to alienate half the population he’s going to have to try to court the Evangelicals. One way he could do that is to choose an Evangelical or like as his Vice Presidential running mate.

But the issue is, most all the Evangelicals would probably turn Romney down. So it appears to me that Rick Santorum would probably be Romney’s pick as Santorum does play well with the Evangelical idiots.

But Rick Santorum has also managed to alienate the women, gays, foreigners, you name it.

In short, I congratulate President Obama on his victory.

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