A New Spot in Providence, Fertile Underground

Fertile Underground is a combination small grocer and cafe. It is located at 1577 Westminster St. in Providence, RI. It’s just diagonal across from The West Broadway Neighborhood Association. They had their grand opening today.

We purchased a loaf of Great Harvest Honey Wheat Bread. This bread is awesome. Not overly sweet, but delicious toasted or un-toasted. It’s sourced out of North Kingstown, RI. We also picked up some purple sweet potatoes, some cage free eggs, kielbasa, and some cheese, all sourced locally.

They try to source as much as they can locally. Kind of cool when you think about that, if our infrastructure as we know it fails we can still source locally.

When you think about it there is a lot of food grown and/or produced within 100 miles of Providence.

The Cafe side is interesting too. They’ve got all sorts of assorted meats, cheeses, and vegetables.

I think they’ll succeed. Coupling it with the cafe will was a smart move.

We’ve had a number of small grocers try in Providence only to fail because they didn’t meet their niche. I suspect Fertile Underground will find their niche and thrive.

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