New Greenpeace Video

Check this one out:

I can address the last part. As I type the ITER reactor project has broken ground and is in progress. The first fusion reactor will be operational in just a few years. Commercial availability five to ten years later.

It could be made to happen sooner but political reality being what it is, governments seem to have no desire to fund game changers like fusion. Which is odd, considering the U.S. government dumped a boatload of money into fission commercialization.

And as to battery technology – IBM is working on a Lithium-Air batter that has the energy density to propel a car for 500 miles between recharging. I estimate a decade from now you will not be able to buy a car that runs on gasoline or diesel. Instead they’ll ALL be electric, better for your pocket as far as operating expense, better on the environment.

Lets face it, one of the most useful commodities out there is electricity. Right now I’m using power to light the room, post this, charge my cell phone, power the TV, it powers my washer and dryer. In addition electricity powers the Acela trains that fly up and down the east coast, but it isn’t just those, even the diesel trains are true hybrids. The diesel engine turns a generator and sends the power to electric motors at the wheels.

So the two developments I’ve listed above will be true game changers.

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