Is Hip Hop is for White People?

We were watching Paladia and they were running acts like Cee Lo Green, Wu Tang Clan, Aloe Blacc, etc.

Keyron noticed something about the audience. It was ALL white people.

It is something I’ve known about for some time. Hip Hop sells to a white audience. Consider – black people make up 12.6% of the U.S. population, white people 72.4%, Latinos make up 16.3% – yes it’s 101.3% but it’s because of the way they count various groupings.

But by and large, the biggest audience out there is white people so ALL music targets that group.

So it makes sense that Hip Hop would attract a white audience. And it says something really odd about white folks. While a subtle undercurrent of racism still exists in this country, white people tend to love their black musicians and athletes.

Strange world.

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