Please name them

This morning I was treated to a post on Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters regarding a group called Truth4Time that wanted to take down gay blogs, counter our message that it IS discrimination and bigotry, etc.

Now in the post the following was said by the author of the article:

And just who are the members of this group you ask? I have the list of the members, but I won’t reveal it because many are ordinary citizens, not public figures.

However, that’s not to say that Truth4Time does not many contain public figures and prominent members of the anti-gay industry, including:

a Fox News pundit,
former employees of Concerned Women for America and The Family Research Council,
a prominent member of the American Family Association,
long term anti-gay activists, including those who testified in front of Congress,
prominent members of the so-called “ex-gay” movement,
a member of a state legislature,
college professors from right-wing universities,
activists who have called for laws declaring homosexuality illegal,
members of a prominent anti-gay marriage equality group, and
various religious right talking heads who us bloggers have had to refute many times in the past.

Looking at the list that Alvin has given I’d say at least name those in the list. Why keep us in the dark? After all if you expect to be victorious you have to know your enemy. And believe me Truth4Time is our enemy.

And as to the ‘ordinary’ citizens I don’t buy it. They forfeited the right to being ordinary the minute they signed on as minions of Truth4Time and should be named too.

Put it this way, in this day and age one should have NO EXPECTATION of privacy. None whatsoever. And if you’re going to make threats against the gay community you sure as hell should have your name plastered all over the web.

So come on Alvin, name them all!

4 thoughts on “Please name them

  1. I think there ought to be an expectation of privacy given that this
    was a private Facebook group, and we all like to pretend that Facebook
    privacy settings correspond to actual privacy. I don’t like the
    implication that somebody leaks stuff from my friends-only posts just
    because they disagree with them. I think the same rule should apply to
    the members of this group even though they are not my friends

    However, I do wish that the informant had made the library of
    arguments available so they could be disarmed.

    1. I disagree – regardless of the ‘secrecy’ of the group their goal was to act to silence LGBT people.

      By that act, they forfeited the right to privacy. They should have their names plastered in neon lights all over the web.

  2. Personally, I’m more than a bit disgusted with McEwen’s coyness in this matter. The notion that some of those private citizens he was protecting included a woman who tried to initiate a boycott against Google to stop hosting gay blogs, and who also hosted a podcast in which someone announced gay activists in Chicago were raping babies is beyond the pale.

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