And the undercurrent of racism raises it’s ugly head

So today I went and voted in the Presidential Preference primary. This is where you select the delegates to the convention.

So I mistakenly went over to Federal Hill House. While I was there, another gentleman was looking for the polling location too. We both got the information and as we’re heading over the older gentleman, probably in his early 60’s, made a comment.

I’m paraphrasing but the gist of the comment was he hoped Obama doesn’t get a second term.

Among his other comments are that the President has done nothing for this country, which is PATENTLY false and propagated by Fox News.

He also said Obama shouldn’t even have been President. I stopped, looked at him and said “So tell me, you actually prefer the alternative candidate?”

The older guy didn’t utter a word – because I know the REAL motivation underneath all of it. It is racism. As I’ve called it before the thought pattern of people like the older gentleman and other Fox News viewers: They’re not mad at him because of any policy decisions, or any other characteristics. They’re mad because of his skin color, there is no other real basis that they can use to defend themselves.

I said this when President Obama was elected. I said that the election of a mixed man (The President’s mother is a white woman!) would bring all the closet racists out. And sure as hell, it has.

2 thoughts on “And the undercurrent of racism raises it’s ugly head

  1. I really wish the President would start promoting himself. He’s done so many good things but tends not to talk about them. If he wants to get reelected he needs to take on a “Look at me! Look at me!” attitude, which has thus far been completely absent.

    The greatest thing he did was save the world from a catastrophic economic collapse in 2009, but he gets no credit for it because the collapse didn’t actually happen. It’s like all the IT guys who worked so hard prior to Y2K to get old software converted to handle 4-digit years. They got no credit because the catastrophe DIDN’T happen. How fucked up was that?! In fact they were laughed at and ridiculed. Likewise, the President is getting the same amount of credit for saving the world… ZERO. If there was any justice in the world, the Republicans would be lining up to kiss his feet.

    1. Yes, I was around in the I.T. field for the Y2K issue. But here’s a cheery thought. In 7,988 years we’ll have to go through it all again when we jump to five digits for the year.

      And then of course there’s the other date horizon approaching. Much of the net runs on Unix. The Unix time epoch begins on January 1, 1970 and n some systems will fail on January 19, 2038 due to an overflow issue. Fun times coming!

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