Browser Stats

Did a quick breakdown of web browsers that visit this blog:

IE 33%
Safari 29%
Firefox 19%
Google Chrome 19%

So as you can see, the top browser is Internet Explorer. {Sigh} I feel bad for you folks as IE is just one big security hole just waiting to be exploited. But it is the default browser in Windows so a lot of folks just go with the flow and use it.

Now Safari is interesting. You might think a lot of Apple Macintosh users but it’s not. It’s mostly mobile phones running Android and IOS.

Firefox and Google Chrome both come in at 19% and totals 38% if tallied together. So I’m glad some of my blog visitors are using slightly more secure browsers.

Coming in second is Safari.

4 thoughts on “Browser Stats

  1. I’d like to see a further breakdown on those IE userss, Specifically, Whether they’re using an older version of IE by choice or because they’re using an older PC.

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