Fuck the cable TV companies, fuck them all!

I just read that you may be required to give Hulu.com your account number for your cable provider to watch certain shows. What? I note Cox isn’t mentioned but Comcast is mentioned.

And cable companies are hemorrhaging tv customers. I’ve seen where some have lost up to 30% or more of their tv subscriber base. I want to see them lose 50% more if they want to play this fucking game.

Put it this way, cable tv has overcharged us for YEARS. Granted, over the last few it’s been the media companies demanding an ever bigger part of the pie. But you know what, if Hulu starts this crap I won’t be using their service any longer either.

Matter of fact most of what I watch on Hulu is network based programming from Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC. But if the cable companies think they’re going to extract revenue out of us one more way, they have another thing coming.

Disconnect the cable for TV services. Disconnect it right now. I don’t care if you’re a Cox subscriber, Comcast, Time Warner, or what have you, ditch it now!

7 thoughts on “Fuck the cable TV companies, fuck them all!

  1. We cut the cable over two years ago and are very glad we did. We get our TV the old fashioned way: over the air for free. If we want movies, we rent them from a Redbox kiosk (there are 3 within a mile of us). No cable for us!

    1. If the stats on my posts about extortionist cable companies are any indicator, I could well cost Cox about $10 Million a year in revenue. Maybe they’ll sit up and take notice.

  2. I think it makes sense to cancel extended cable. Unfortunately, the move to over-the-air digital TV has made local stations inaccessible for anyone whose home is near hills or taller structures. One can hope that the local and national TV news teams other than Al Jazeera will someday stream their programs live on the Net, but until then, it’s tempting to subscribe to basic cable service so that one can at least watch the local news and weather.

    But regardless of one’s need for local stations — even if we cancel our cable TV service, most of us have no choice but to keep paying the same cable company for Internet service. And Verizon has halted its buildout of FiOS in a trade for wireless spectrum from the cable companies.

  3. And regarding the internet service – I’m reading a book right now by Susan Crawford called “Captive Audience”. She says that what we pay for broadband – 95%is profit for the cable carriers. So the $60 a month I pay, it cost them only $3 to provide the service.

  4. I haven’t had cable in over a decade and I don’t miss it. I know it’s strange I don’t want to pay money to see the latest commercials (which I hate with a burning passion that borders on psychotic) but that’s the way it is.

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