RI House Approves Warrants for Cell Phone Searches

While Rhode Island in general may be a fucked up mess, sometimes our legislators get it right.

Rep. Edith Ajello who I have written about before has sponsored legislation to require police to obtain a warrant before searching a personal electronic device such as cell phones, pda’s, laptops, and GPS units. The bill was approved by the House and approval of the Senate must be obtained.

But RI is an interesting place. Civil liberties are for the most part taken seriously here. Several years back the courts made the correct judgement that DUI checkpoints were unconstitutional.

And now the legislature is acting to secure us further in our persons, places and things! Excellent!

Another pieces of legislation is designed to protect minority voting rights introduced by Rep. Anastasia Williams. Basically you need a minimum of 500 voters in a location to qualify for a polling place.

Now if we could only get rid of the ridiculous Voter ID law.

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