The TRUTH4TIME mess is still playing out

If you head on over and visit Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters you’ll see that a character known as LTP from TRUTH4TIME has been harassing Alvin at HBHM!

LTP has a blog which Alvin hasn’t posted yet. I wish he would so we could educate LTP. Because LTP loves to use Cameronisms, even thought the originator of such things has been widely discredited. But never you mind, religious bigotry knows no bounds. It matters not if the information they’re presenting is patently false, they hope that if they say it often enough it will become truth.

But we won’t let them do it. I’ve challenged NOM’ers several times and it usually results in them blocking me. But I’ve pointed out the mis-truths, lies, fibs, and omissions of the NOM jerks a lot on this blog.

So come on Alvin, let us know who the rest of the TRUTH4TIME’ers are so the rest of us in the blogsphere can have a little fun with them.

3 thoughts on “The TRUTH4TIME mess is still playing out

  1. And a notable online one, too; which makes on question, again, why someone, notably a gay blogger and activist, would want to protect his identity, knowing full well “LTP” would prefer him dead if given the chance.

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