Month: April 2012

New Greenpeace Video

Check this one out:

I can address the last part. As I type the ITER reactor project has broken ground and is in progress. The first fusion reactor will be operational in just a few years. Commercial availability five to ten years later.

It could be made to happen sooner but political reality being what it is, governments seem to have no desire to fund game changers like fusion. Which is odd, considering the U.S. government dumped a boatload of money into fission commercialization.

And as to battery technology – IBM is working on a Lithium-Air batter that has the energy density to propel a car for 500 miles between recharging. I estimate a decade from now you will not be able to buy a car that runs on gasoline or diesel. Instead they’ll ALL be electric, better for your pocket as far as operating expense, better on the environment.

Lets face it, one of the most useful commodities out there is electricity. Right now I’m using power to light the room, post this, charge my cell phone, power the TV, it powers my washer and dryer. In addition electricity powers the Acela trains that fly up and down the east coast, but it isn’t just those, even the diesel trains are true hybrids. The diesel engine turns a generator and sends the power to electric motors at the wheels.

So the two developments I’ve listed above will be true game changers.

A New Spot in Providence, Fertile Underground

Fertile Underground is a combination small grocer and cafe. It is located at 1577 Westminster St. in Providence, RI. It’s just diagonal across from The West Broadway Neighborhood Association. They had their grand opening today.

We purchased a loaf of Great Harvest Honey Wheat Bread. This bread is awesome. Not overly sweet, but delicious toasted or un-toasted. It’s sourced out of North Kingstown, RI. We also picked up some purple sweet potatoes, some cage free eggs, kielbasa, and some cheese, all sourced locally.

They try to source as much as they can locally. Kind of cool when you think about that, if our infrastructure as we know it fails we can still source locally.

When you think about it there is a lot of food grown and/or produced within 100 miles of Providence.

The Cafe side is interesting too. They’ve got all sorts of assorted meats, cheeses, and vegetables.

I think they’ll succeed. Coupling it with the cafe will was a smart move.

We’ve had a number of small grocers try in Providence only to fail because they didn’t meet their niche. I suspect Fertile Underground will find their niche and thrive.

When spell check doesn’t help you (NC Marriage Vote)

So apparently Tami Fitzgerald of the North Carolina Values Coalition wrote an op-ed for the Herald Sun.

In her concluding paragraphs she said the following, green highlight indicates where spell check failed her:

It appears that Ms. Fitzgerald doesn’t proof-read her Op-Ed’s. And nobody at the Herald Sun bothered either.

Could it be a Freudian slip on Fitzgerald’s part? Or just laziness?

One other note, as I stated above she’s the Executive Director of North Carolina Values Coalition

Her linkedin page indicates a typical Repug. Not Republican put Repugnant. She thinks her Christian values trump those of everyone else it seems.

And judging by the google search I did on her name, she’s a one woman fount of bigotry!

And glory be, North Carolina’s Central Voter Registration System (CVRS) lets you get the skinny on anyone just knowing their first and last name:

Street Address: 109 CARPATHIAN WAY
Zip Code: 27615
County: WAKE
Gender: Female
Race: White
Ethnicity: Not Hispanic or Not Latino
Voter Reg. Number: 000010095816
Registration Date: 01/01/1991

The house

You can even give her a call if you wish, let her know about her gaffe and about her bigotry:

Tami L Fitzgerald

(919) 846-8880

109 Carpathian Way

Raleigh, NC 27615-1612
Age: 50-54
Associated: Craig Q Fitzgerald, Jordan Fitzgerald, Paige Fitzgerald, Austin G Fitzgerald

Precinct: PRECINCT 02-06
Eligible To Vote?: Yes

Now interestingly I note Tami L and Tami T – both tie to the 109 Carpathain Way address. So it’s her.

I do have a dog in this fight as I have family in North Carolina. So it proves once again the lesson, never, ever piss off I.T. people – we know how to scrub databases.

Why can’t we talk about religion?

I was watching the BBC Report on Romney and the Mormon Church on YouTube earlier. You can watch below:

One of the points brought up a few times in the video are the fact that you don’t discuss religion in mixed company.

It lead me to this thought: Why not talk about it? If we all talked about it more maybe we’d all realize that almost all organized religion is based on utter bovine effluent.

The reason they don’t want people talking about it is because they realize that if two or more start talking about it outside the confines of the sanctioned meeting places, people will generally leave the flock and let others know that the religion is all based on bullshit.

Another interesting thought hit me after watching this video. Romney does not play well with U.S. Evangelicals. So those Evangelicals have three options:

1) Hold their nose and vote for Romney
2) Stay home
3) Vote for the incumbent, President Obama

Now knowing that Romney has managed to alienate half the population he’s going to have to try to court the Evangelicals. One way he could do that is to choose an Evangelical or like as his Vice Presidential running mate.

But the issue is, most all the Evangelicals would probably turn Romney down. So it appears to me that Rick Santorum would probably be Romney’s pick as Santorum does play well with the Evangelical idiots.

But Rick Santorum has also managed to alienate the women, gays, foreigners, you name it.

In short, I congratulate President Obama on his victory.

Old Movies: Cruising (1980)

I noted that Cruising, from 1980 was on Netflix Watch Instantly suggestions.

So I clicked and watched.

Interesting enough movie and the camera did linger a bit long in the bar scenes. I cannot believe that a film depicting gay sex (Bondage, oral sex, fisting etc.) was produced in 1980! Of course I’d never seen it back then, I was only 15 years old at the time.

But the basic story is there’s someone going around killing gay men. In the end it’s Stewie that is the killer, he almost kills the cop Steve Burns played by Al Pacino.

But one part of the movie leaves me unsettled. When Burns first moves into the undercover place, he meets Ted Bailey, played by Don Scardino.

Bailey becomes friends with Burns and we hear about Bailey’s roommate, who Burn’s later meets when he goes looking for Bailey.

But at the end of the movie we see Ted Bailey’s body all bloodied and he’s obviously dead. But no clue as to who did it.


Vatican to crack down on Nuns in the U.S.

This is interesting stuff! Nuns have been on the front lines for some time so it doesn’t surprise me which side they come out in favor of when it comes to social issues.

Whether it be abortion, in which a Catholic Nun permitted an abortion to save a woman’s life, or to dignity in death, or even LGBT rights, most of the nuns are on our side.

But the Vatican doesn’t like it. Oh no, they must maintain the old boys club.

But I’m seeing more and more parish priests challenging Bishops here in the U.S., and then the nuns challenging the bishoprics too.

Then of course is the rise of the Old Catholic Orders, which support all the things mentioned above.

It is coming to the point where I suspect the U.S. Catholics will split from the Vatican at some point in the near future.

Because a few things have been amply demonstrated:

1) The Church lost a lot of credibility with the way in which it refused to handle abuse of kids at the hands of the priests.

2) The hierarchy is blindly out of touch with the realities of modern life.

3) The Catholic church is losing members at an alarming rate.

4) They are also having issues recruiting new priests and nuns.

All of this was bound to eventually happen as the body of scientific knowledge grew by leaps and bounds. It explains away the need for God, or any God for that matter.

But the nuns have decided, and rightfully so, that social justice matters. Bravo for them, I hope they decide to tell the Vatican to go get stuffed.

The Shipping Debacle

So on the 10th of this month I ordered a couple of t-shirts from

Why they ship via Fedex Smartpost I cannot fathom. Estimated delivery is the 19th. So 9 days and it came out of Dallas?

Basically what SmartPost does is let Fedex interface with USPS. But had bothered to check, USPS priority mail gets things pretty much ACROSS THE FUCKING CONTINENT in TWO DAYS!

Instead you let it float through the Fedex cluster-fuck. It’s unbelievable.