Scare tactics in commercials

It’s funny – ever since we’ve gotten the cable turned on I have turned a very critical eye toward the commercials.

One of them is for ADT. They show a woman walking in on a burglar. Then a bit later they show smashed glass, broken glass in a picture frame, etc.

Here’s the thing. The easiest things to fence are home electronics. TV’s, media players, game consoles, and even some small appliances.

There is no reason to trash the house. But then knowing what I know about the criminal class, there aren’t any Rhodes Scholars or Nobel Laureates among them. So it might be probable that they would trash the place.

The above interests me though. Over the past few years my career has bent in the information security field. And in that group, they view lock picking as fun. There are actual competitions and if you knew how relatively easy it is to brute force a lock or even easily finesse a lock, you wouldn’t take your own security very lightly.

And that last paragraph, it applies to virtually EVERY cylinder style lock including those on automobiles.

But that’s all ethical hacking.

Other scare tactics include weight loss, erectile dysfunction, sexual performance enhancement and a plethora of other things.

The sexual performance commercials are funny. And study after study has proven that they don’t do anything and in fact may be harmful. The government has sued one those sham outfits only to see it come back again an again.

There’s one born every minute is what P.T. Barnum used to say. And that is certainly the case with the majority of television viewers.

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