Rhode Island Marriage Equality Bills “held for further study”

Ok, so I’m all What the Fuck about this. First of all I know for a FACT that the chair of the Judiciary committee, Rep. Edith Ajello SUPPORTS equality. I know that we have the vote on the judiciary committee. So why were these bills held?

I emailed Rep. Ajello the following:

Hello Rep. Ajello,

Unfortunately a prior commitment meant I couldn’t be at the hearing for the bills this past Wednesday evening. But I read the ProJo article and I see the bills are all held for study?

I’d like to ask as I know you’ve been supportive of marriage equality in the past, why are these bills being held?

Could it be the Speaker? If so, it’s high time he learn to fight fire with fire and tell Senate President Paiva-Weed that anything she transmits to the house will sit and stew until she moved on marriage equality.

But then I know how RI will get equality. It will be the courts that grant it, not the legislature.

I don’t know if I’ll get a response from her, I have in the past. But I ask a pretty pointed question there.

But the whole equality thing, it is one of the reason I’m actively looking for a job OUTSIDE Rhode Island. I’d prefer the Manhattan area.

You see, when you know legislators well enough to be able to accurately predict their behavior, it’s time to get the fuck out before you kill someone. But seriously – RI will get full marriage equality via a judicial ruling, not by any action of the RI legislature. So in that respect legislators here are pretty much useless.

And NYC – come on, their city council is bigger than the RI state legislature. That’s a political playground I would relish playing in! And if you’re the mayor – it’s like being the governor of RI, MA and CT put together.


Rep. Ajello wrote back. Apparently the hold for further study is used when a quorum isn’t present to keep the legislation alive. But it still smells a little funny to me. Knowing what I do of parliamentary procedure, they could just vote it right then and there.

3 thoughts on “Rhode Island Marriage Equality Bills “held for further study”

  1. When you have legislators-for-life, apathy and stagnation take over, and when that happens, everyone is screwed until some major catastrophe overturns the establishment.

    I saw this in D.C. in the 1980s and 1990s. Voters either profited from their neighborhood crony, or couldn’t do anything because the ruling party wouldn’t offer them any alternatives. Things didn’t change until Marion Barry’s arrest, the inept leadership that followed, a fiscal collapse, and finally a federal takeover of the city.

    I loved Providence, but by last year I could see from city and state leaders’ coddling of tax-breaks, looting of the schools, and cuts to creative arts and economic development, that the state’s party-for-life was behaving like a parasite. It was slowly killing its host in order to preserve the status quo. My e-mails to state lawmakers (about funding cuts for WaterFire, in particular) generally went unanswered. Why should they respond? Why should they fix something? Who else am I going vote for?

    Well, actually, I did vote, as you know — by moving out.

    I gotta warn you, though, as a native of New York, that the state government is almost as dysfunctional as Rhode Island’s. Taxes are higher, and the waste is greater. What the state does have going for it: Vast size, natural resources, and extreme wealth which of course contributes to the state government’s paralysis.

    1. Yes Mike, I’m aware of the dysfunciton in NYC’s government too. And the taxes – I did pro forma and yes, I’d be paying about $50K a years in taxes. But it’s where I want to be. That makes a big difference.

      1. Being where you want to be is important! I was willing to tolerate a lot because I wanted to be in Providence.

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