Conservatives really are batshit crazy, aren’t they?

So my aunt posted this on her Facebook page. It’s an article on called Top 10 products Obama will force us to buy. And here I’ll take it apart piece by piece.

Go and read and I’ll break it down by number:

1) Broccoli – first of all let me say I love this vegetable. I mean really love it. The quote comes from Justice Antonin Scalia, a man who I’d say doesn’t have too many years of life left due to his excesses. And he’s also known as a world class crank. So I think the debunking of this point isn’t really necessary given the source it comes from.

2) The Chevy Volt – notice no quotes, no nothing. It’s pure opinion that the author is pulling out of their ass. The Volt is quite the technological achievement but the only issue I have with the car is it’s price tag. Like it or not, oil isn’t getting cheaper, though much of the cost of oil is based on speculators trading it up, it’s getting more and more difficult to extract oil. So electric vehicles are the future.

3) $5 a gallon gas. This one is interesting because two things have become obvious regarding the price of a gallon of gasoline. First is that we know that it’s artificially inflated in price due to speculative trading and gaming of the refining capability. The other is that the President has NO control over the price of gasoline. In fact President Obama did propose putting a .03% tax on speculative trades. The only fault I find with that is it should be 5%.

4) Contraceptives – now this one I’m going to go on a rant about because as I’ve written in the past I believe contraceptives should be available to all at a minimum of price. A lot of the opposition to contraceptives comes from the churches, their view of sex is that it is STRICTLY, and I mean STRICTLY for procreation. Sex for pleasure is anathema to most of the Abrahamic religions. But the reality is, sex is immensely pleasurable. If it wasn’t there wouldn’t be a human race. And honestly, I want government to subsidize safer sex. It’s a lot cheaper to do that than to pay for the results of unprotected sex which include a host of diseases, and the ultimate parasite: a baby! So you can hand out birth control pills for $10 a month, or a pack of say two dozen condoms for the same price. Or you can treat the diseases at hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifespan, or pay for the kid which probably costs about a cool million now over the span of adolescence and then some.

5) Inconvenient Truth Movies – now this is just ridiculous. Again the author pulls this one straight out of his nether regions. Look, it has been AMPLY demonstrated that human activities have changed our environment. Three macro events in my own neighborhood attest to that. The first is the mass flooding of a couple years back. Flooding I had NEVER seen. Another is the lack of winter last year. Temperatures were almost 10F higher than normal and we got little snow if any. And the third, Spring sprung very early this year. I mean most trees were full up an flowering in early March! So couple the above with the opinions of many scientists an global warming is a real phenomenon. Of course for some people to believe it, it will require that their home on the hill become waterfront property, then they MIGHT pay attention.

6) MSNBC – noticing a disturbing thread here, the author who remains anonymous or hides behind a pseudonym is terrified of a liberal viewpoint. Why? Because it tells the truth and debunks conservative argument. And of course we’re starting to see the beginning attacks on Fox, there’s a move to revoke their 27 largest tv station licenses in the U.S. I hope the hell they do! But then look back over time, what did conservatives do to PBS? They de-funded it. Their reasoning was because, and to PBS credit, they examine issues from all angles. And conservatives would come out looking rather badly when that happened. So they yanked the funding.

7) Solar Panels – Ok the author of this piece is really grasping for straws here. I would LOVE to have solar electric panels on my roof. I’ve got a nice southern exposure that would be perfect, even here in the stormy northeast! But these conservative idiots don’t want green energy. They want the status quo, no change. Let the oil companies continue to rape the consumer. Fuck them is what I say, go wind and solar all the way!

8) Union Label Goods – Where the hell do I start with this one. I want a living wage for everyone an the unions are the best guarantee for that. And I want the right to collective bargaining protected and preserved. The anti-union bullshit annoys the fuck out of me. Again the author has pulled a juicy nugget right out of his rectum!

9) Algae – ok if we can figure out an elegant way to extract energy from it who the hell cares. And it won’t be the srapings from our fish tanks, but huge farms of algae. We’re almost at number ten here and I note the pattern – anything that disrupts the oil infrastructure seems to be on the authors hit list.

10) Hoodies – They’re bitching that the Obama campaign is selling hoodies. Cool, I want one. They saved their most ridiculous blathering for last. Look, the murder of Trayvon Martin needs to see justice. And if wearing a hoodie to support both Trayvon Martin and the President then I for one will get one.

In essence, it’s the typical neo-con tactic. Only one or two items have direct reference. The rest are all fabrications, mis-truths, and outright lies.

Always look at these things with a critical eye. It’ll serve you well all your life.

One thought on “Conservatives really are batshit crazy, aren’t they?

  1. sad thing is, lots of folks will believe this.
    I find it funny to think of conservatives refusing to eat broccoli, and demand beef I suppose, those becoming cholesterol laden obese heart attack prone.

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