Bryan Fischer of AFA goes off the rails

So Buzzfeed has an article about one Brian Fischer, AFA’s chief homophobe who John Stewart on the Daily Show said and I paraphrase: “The reason it looks blurry is because his opinions are from 50 years ago.”

You may have run across his videos on YouTube. I’m generally able to watch maybe a minute or two into his tirades before I click away. Yes, he’s odious, and to put it succinctly an asshole.

But there are a couple of paragraphs in the article that I want to bring some attention to since Fischer tacitly admits racism exists in the U.S. in his bilious spewing:

Fischer talks about Barack Obama as a menace to American national security, whose policies Fischer claims to have been baffled by until a video of Obama supporting a left-wing, African American Harvard Law Professor, Derrick Bell, re-emerged this spring.

“Is he just inept? Is he just incompetent? Or is this all purposeful?” Fischer asked. These were rhetorical questions.

“The conclusion I’ve come to is that he’s doing this purposefully because he believes that the U.S. needs to be punished for being a racist nation,” Fischer explained. “He is out to punish the United States for being racist.”

In that short center paragraph, he tries to call the President inept, nd incompetent. He brings those ideas up to support the general meme out there that President Obama is an illegitimate President. That is not the case.

Fischer then concludes by saying that the President is out to punish us because we’re racist!

That is unbelievable. I wonder what Fischer’s stance is on race relations?

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