At last, President Obama evolved on same sex marriage

President Obama is to appear on Good Morning America and in the program said he is in support of gay marriage or same sex marriage. The clip is already running all over the web.

This is quite remarkable, the very first time in modern history that a U.S. President has embraced equality, and in an election season!

I think President Obama struggled with the political liabilities of support. But everything he has done as President lead me to believe he’d already concluded that equality was a no-brainer, he falsely believed that it was a political liability.

But no longer. We’re seeing the games being played by the proponents of gay marriage bans. Most recently in North Carolina, where proponents of question one held the vote in a primary, the wording of the question was odd, and voting irregularities have surfaced in North Carolina.

In other words, dirty tricks. I think that and Vice President Biden’s speaking ex cathedra that pushed the President to finally voice what he has believed all along.

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