A Special Kind of Anti-Gay Craziness

Go and watch this one:

From what I’m to gather the woman’s name is Jane Skrovota. A Googling confirms.

Lets just pull out a few.

Gay people don’t live past 40. Now this is one where I feel qualified to debunk. I’m of an advanced age 7 years longer than that and still kicking.

The rimming quote is priceless. If you don’t get antibiotics within 30 minutes you get sepsis and die? Oh honey, if you haven’t had the joy you of doing it you just can’t speak with any authority on it.

There were so many egregious things uttered by this woman that I just couldn’t stop laughing. And the guy sitting behind here, you can tell he find her just as odious.

People of Lincoln, Nebraska – don’t worry. The bigots are trying but we have one thing on our side, time. They’re going to die off sooner than later.

5 thoughts on “A Special Kind of Anti-Gay Craziness

  1. Just listening to her spell penis was worth the price of admission. “Homicider” — priceless. Don’t go gay! — that reminds me of Just say NO!
    I’m putting this on Purgatory.

  2. I only got to 90 seconds before I went into hysterics.
    As a 50 year old homicider, I will try to tell as many people as I can in town tomorrow.

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