RIP Queen of Disco: Donna Summer dead at 63

I was rather shocked to learn that the Queen of Disco, the Diva herself, Donna Summer succumbed to lung cancer today.

I was too young to hit the clubs when she had her heyday but I had a radio, I had money and was buying her LP’s at a Tower Records and Strawberries. A distant memory – splashing around in the pool, I was 14 years old and this song blasting away and the year was 1979:

Now one of notable things about Summer was that most of her music was done by the King of Disco himself, Giorgio Moroder, here he is with Chase:

Notice the similarities, it’s most evident in this Donna Summer song from 1977:

From 1975 here’s Love to Love You Baby, to me this is classic U.S. disco, and I was 11 years old when this one hit the airwaves.

I’ll end the video retro look with her 1978 hit, Last Dance:

And it’s been a sad month or so, first Whitney Houston, now Donna Summer. We’re losing all our greats! Believe me, Donna Summers music, it resonated with this gay teen back in the late 1970’s.

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