What I have been up to

You may have noticed it took me a longer time to approve comments and I haven’t posted in nearly a week.

It is because Keyron an I traveled to North Carolina for the Memorial Day holiday.

On the way down I wore my red alphabet shirt. It’s the one where the alphabet, numbers, and a few symbols are created using various video game controllers. The interesting thing is you catch the video game freaks. The shirt was recognized by someone at a service stop on the way down an by my future niece, Macy.

Another interesting event happened on Saturday night. We’re coming back from Elizabeth City to Gum Neck. As we’re coming down NC 94 I see a police car pulled over into a parking lot with his strobes on. And they are standing in the road waving traffic forward with a flash light. So I start to roll through an the cop stops me.

Yep, DUI check point. You see, where I live (RI) check points were ruled unconstitutional in Primental v. Rhode Island, 561 A.2d 1348 (R.I. 1989).

The cop asks for ID and registration so I hand them over, he looks at them and hands them back and tells me I can move along and that flashing blue lights mean slow down in North Carolina. Yeah, ok, except for the fact that waving your flashlight back and fort means go through and parking at least 20 feet OFF the roadway – yep, you’re a dumb ass cop. I neglected to ask if he was county or town police.

Then further down on S. Broad there was another DUI checkpoint. Ut si! This one only wanted my ID, did a cursory inspection of the car and confirmed that it was in fact a DUI check point. Interesting. But at least the police in the second instance had TWO cruisers parked on the roadway shoulder and lights going.

Interestingly in Rhode Island, while they may not be able to setup check points, they do bust enough people under the influence. Probably due to the fact that cell phones are now ubiquitous and people will narc on you if they think you’re under the influence.

You see some photos on my Flickr site – I’ll upload more now that I’m in 4G land again and once I’ve had a chance to process some of the photos. I got some sky shots that I have to bring onto my pc and into photoshop to enhance the contrast.

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