Month: May 2012

Rhode Island Marriage Equality Bills “held for further study”

Ok, so I’m all What the Fuck about this. First of all I know for a FACT that the chair of the Judiciary committee, Rep. Edith Ajello SUPPORTS equality. I know that we have the vote on the judiciary committee. So why were these bills held?

I emailed Rep. Ajello the following:

Hello Rep. Ajello,

Unfortunately a prior commitment meant I couldn’t be at the hearing for the bills this past Wednesday evening. But I read the ProJo article and I see the bills are all held for study?

I’d like to ask as I know you’ve been supportive of marriage equality in the past, why are these bills being held?

Could it be the Speaker? If so, it’s high time he learn to fight fire with fire and tell Senate President Paiva-Weed that anything she transmits to the house will sit and stew until she moved on marriage equality.

But then I know how RI will get equality. It will be the courts that grant it, not the legislature.

I don’t know if I’ll get a response from her, I have in the past. But I ask a pretty pointed question there.

But the whole equality thing, it is one of the reason I’m actively looking for a job OUTSIDE Rhode Island. I’d prefer the Manhattan area.

You see, when you know legislators well enough to be able to accurately predict their behavior, it’s time to get the fuck out before you kill someone. But seriously – RI will get full marriage equality via a judicial ruling, not by any action of the RI legislature. So in that respect legislators here are pretty much useless.

And NYC – come on, their city council is bigger than the RI state legislature. That’s a political playground I would relish playing in! And if you’re the mayor – it’s like being the governor of RI, MA and CT put together.


Rep. Ajello wrote back. Apparently the hold for further study is used when a quorum isn’t present to keep the legislation alive. But it still smells a little funny to me. Knowing what I do of parliamentary procedure, they could just vote it right then and there.

So is conservativm tied to atrophy of brain structure?

Over the past two days I’ve seen two articles. The first was that they noted atrophy in the hippocampus of those who have been ‘born again’. And the biggest core of the conservative side is comprised of those ‘born again’ folks.

The hippocampus is located on the inner side of the temporal lobe. It’s a smallish part that helps us remember things, and also controls part of our emotional health. It’ part of the limbic system:

Limbic System
This is a view of the entire limbic system. It’s also known as the Reptilian Brain – the oldest brain structure.

Then I read this story about Why Conservatives Believe in Anti-Gay Pseudo-Science.

So in the first link we learn of the findings about the born again experience and atrophy or shrinkage of the hippocampus.

Then we learn in the second article that the conservatives believe the way they do because:

There are a small number of Christian right researchers and intellectuals who have tried to make a scientific case against same-sex marriages and unions, by citing alleged harms to children. This stuff isn’t mainstream or scientifically accepted — witness the APA’s statements on the matter. But from the perspective of the Christian right, that doesn’t really matter. When people are looking for evidence to support their deeply held views, the science suggests that people engage in “motivated reasoning.” Their deep emotional convictions guide the retrieval of self-supporting information that they then use to argue with, to prop themselves up. It isn’t about truth, it’s about feeling that you’re right — righteous, even.

Deep emotional convictions is the operative phrase. And what did we learn in the first article but that there is shrinking of the hippocampus, the organelle responsible for emotions and memory. Then we see that conservative beliefs are formed more by emotion.

So I believe it is reasonable to conclude that conservatism == brain damage, at least here in the U.S. So it’s something we can scan for, identify and cull!

Imagine a world without emotional idiots!

Politics: When pulling it straight out of your ass won’t work

So I see Willard Mitt Romney is calling it a Day of Shame because the U.S. is allowing a blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng to come to the United States.

From what I know of International humanitarian law, Chen sought sanctuary in the U.S. Embassy in China. The U.S. has a duty to protect those persecuted as political enemies and from what I’ve read about Chen, he’s a thorn in the side of the Chinese government so he qualifies.

But Romney’s calling it a Day of Shame, seriously? Is he that fucking stupid?

But it won’t work with me. Prepare for Romney to pull ever more ridiculous statements straight out of his ass. If there’s one consistent thing about Romney it’s his tendency to say anything to make it appear he is electable.

But Romney isn’t electable. First off he has the liability of being a flip-flopper. There is ample video evidence to support that assertion.

Romeny is also out of touch with the common American, that clip of him asking of the cookies came from 7-11 showed his disdain for the common man.

It’s a question of being likeable and Romney doesn’t exude charisma at all. His desperation to be President is becoming painfully apparent.

So take a hint Mr. Romney – you can’t just make shit up an expect not to be called on it.

Scare tactics in commercials

It’s funny – ever since we’ve gotten the cable turned on I have turned a very critical eye toward the commercials.

One of them is for ADT. They show a woman walking in on a burglar. Then a bit later they show smashed glass, broken glass in a picture frame, etc.

Here’s the thing. The easiest things to fence are home electronics. TV’s, media players, game consoles, and even some small appliances.

There is no reason to trash the house. But then knowing what I know about the criminal class, there aren’t any Rhodes Scholars or Nobel Laureates among them. So it might be probable that they would trash the place.

The above interests me though. Over the past few years my career has bent in the information security field. And in that group, they view lock picking as fun. There are actual competitions and if you knew how relatively easy it is to brute force a lock or even easily finesse a lock, you wouldn’t take your own security very lightly.

And that last paragraph, it applies to virtually EVERY cylinder style lock including those on automobiles.

But that’s all ethical hacking.

Other scare tactics include weight loss, erectile dysfunction, sexual performance enhancement and a plethora of other things.

The sexual performance commercials are funny. And study after study has proven that they don’t do anything and in fact may be harmful. The government has sued one those sham outfits only to see it come back again an again.

There’s one born every minute is what P.T. Barnum used to say. And that is certainly the case with the majority of television viewers.

A potential identity of LTP of TRUTH4TIME

A comment was left on my post about the goings on at Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters.

A commenter identified LTP as Luis T. Puig. From what I gather he is a Cuban American, a former U.S. Navy enlistee, and he is anti-gay.

For example, he wrote a book titled “What Nature Intended: Six Factors Demonstrating Homosexuality being a dysfunction”

Looking at his LinkedIn profile it appears he move from job to job every year or two.

But the book – it’s pretty obvious Puig is a Catholic homophobe.

There is more, Puig was born and raised in Cuba. He lived there from birth to age 14.

Again, this is all tentative. It is apparent that Puig lives in the D.C. area but since D.C.’s CVRS requires DOB and location I can’t pull his voting record.

Probably votes Republican though.