So who is more familiar with Christianity

So I read something the other day that the average Christian kid, by age 18, receives 750 hours of Christian formation.

Now if I count the 12 years of Catholic schools, plus 8 solid years of church attendance, and then CCD classed to make my confirmation I arrive at 2,600 hours of religious formation. That’s 3.4 times as much as your standard Christian.

Near as I can tell a Catholic priest has to take about 90 credit hours of classes. Now a credit hour comes out to roughly 22 weeks of one hour or so. So 22 * 90 = 1,980.

So in essence my actual hours go further than that of a Catholic priest.

Yet I’m an atheist. It seems the better educated we are, the less likely we are to believe. Just look at the Jesuits for further proof as they all go for some seriously advanced degrees. I was taught by a few Jesuits and they were some of the best teachers I ever had.

But like I said, 2,600 hours versus 1,980 hours. I find that really interesting and it explains why they tried to recruit us when we were in high school. They being the Catholic church. And you dear reader already know my stance on that one. There was no way in hell I’d ever even consider joining the priesthood. The whole thing just smacked of weirdness to me.

One thought on “So who is more familiar with Christianity

  1. I don’t think your comparison is quite accurate – of course, I do Lutheran math, not Catholic or Atheist math. The way your comparison is structured, it assumes the only religious training priests receive is the 90 credits of seminary. To me it seems reasonable to assume that one with no background in the Catholic faith can’t just show up at the seminary door and start. Rather they’ll go into seminary with the same 750 to 2600 hours that anyone else has.

    I also question with your statement about education and skepticism. I think that’s only one of two ways that it can go. I attended Lutheran schools from preschool all the way through 5 years of college with a theologically related degree plus another 21 or so graduate credits. I’m still a staunch Christian, and for me it has made me believe all the more. When I came out of the closet, it was a real turning point my my life religously-speaking. Rather than destroying my faith, the education helped me to realize WELS is full of pharisees and God isn’t in the tiny box that they constructed for him. Put another way, the education helped me to distinguish between faith and indoctrination.

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