On cell phones and battery life

Warning, I’m going to ding the iPhone’s here.

I have a Samsung SCH-R910 Indulge from MetroPCS. I like the phone a lot. Got a ton of apps on it, 32GB of memory in it, all in all a fun phone.

But battery life, it’s got the 1,500mah 5.5Wh battery pack in there now. I get 8 hours of do absolutely nothing on the phone time, 4 or 5 hours of texting, wordpress, NN12 checks, time checks. I had to run home today to charge the thing. But by the time I was ready to leave the damned battery was flat.

So I decided to investigate. Seems there is a 2,800mah battery pack with replacement back cover to accommodate the larger battery pack. What I’ll probably do is just carry around the 1,500mah battery fully charged for emergencies, and use the 2,800mah for daily use. I figure that will extend do nothing idle to 15 hours or more, and usage to 6 to 8 continuous hours. That’s much better.

I’ll have the new pack in a few days, they shipped it priority mail which I prefer as the USPS doesn’t play games like UPS and Fedex when it comes to packages.

Of course here comes the iPhone ding – you can’t change the battery in your iPhone. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

3 thoughts on “On cell phones and battery life

  1. That’s why we buy the Mophie battery case. Without it, the iPhone 4 won’t hold a charge longer than five hours.

    I agree with you, though — unibody cases should be illegal, for environmental reasons as well as convenience.

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