Gay Pride Providence – the Pro Forma

So the Pride Festival was the usual. Nothing to really report other than no cape policy should be enforced, and walking around with a pet boidae and not a feather boa, well, it’s amusing that your snake is so cool that it just stays wrapped around you.

Then of course there was the young guy in a pair of tight briefs and again a cape! Did these people not watch the Incredibles?.  In fact there were a small gaggle of shirtless twinks.

Mother nature had her revenge though. Once the sun set the temperatures dropped into the the high 50’s. I know I was cold, I imagine the emaciated little things were freezing.

I also noted that of the major floats, not one had a major corporate sponsor. We had the usual cast like Staples, Blue Cross, Lifespan, etc. march through but the floats on the trucks were just thematic. One was the Time Warp theme from Rocky Horror Picture Show. The other was a castle motif with fog machine and red lit swords and dancing boys and girls.

And as usual we had the Extraordinary Rendition Band leading the parade, and followed a few groups later by the Lesbian and Gay Big Apple Corps.  When they got to the reviewing stand they did James Brown, then followed up with the one by Taio Cruz with Dynamite. One of my favorite little tunes:


I’ll be posting pix and videos soon. Just got in not too long ago.


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