RI Pride 2012 – Videos

This is just the first small batch of video of the parade yesterday.

Setting up the reviewing stand:

You’ll note the gates being setup. They only did this on Weybosset Street.

If you look to the center right in this video you see little boy swinging a sword around, hence the title “Someone Needs Jedi Training”:

The last float in the parade gets several points because it had a pretty good lit up front end. I really should get involved with thee groups and teach them about EL Wire and Super Bright LED’s though. EL Wire is sort of what they used in the original Tron movie, though in more colors now. Super Bright LED’s are interesting, they’re tiny as hell but the heat sink and carrier assembly is huge. If you’re curious about what you can do with EL Wire:

On with the videos:

The next to last truck float, it seems to be a castle motif – I recognize the song though. Had the requisite cute but not rail thing twinks on it too. They’re mostly at the end of the float.

The next float had a Carribbean/Latino theme to it:

Ok, I referred to it above. Light – if you notice we were directly across from the reviewing stand. See how brightly lit PPAC is, that should be your goal. Or if you’ve ever seen the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disney, that’s another inspiration. And no flashlights!

That is, if you’re going to have an illuminated parade it doesn’t mean streetlights either.

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