Hot in Providence

Yes indeed, you can tell it’s summer. The heat up happened right on schedule for the turn of seasons into summer. We had 60’s and 70’s all prior, though March showed 70’s and 80’s.

And end of June comes roaring in, 95F yesterday, 93F today. And Friday is forecast at 92F before finally cooling down into the low 80’s. I love it.

I don’t care if it is 90 something outside. I love being out there in it. Of course I know all the shady spots, and even though you do sweat there’s enough of a breeze to cool you down.

But around the 4th of July it’ll spike again. And I can recall in prior years nearly every July it’s so muggy that it’s oppressive.

But as I always say, I’d rather roast than freeze! And the sun has been out and my exposure even though brief and my skin gets a slight reddish olive tone to it. The red is probably the streak of Mohawk in me, the olive of course the Italian.

Summer is here! Yay! Can you tell I hate winter? Last years was just barely tolerable.

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