Addendum on NYC LGBT Pride

There are a couple of things I noticed that I thought worth mention here.

As was the case last year the NYPD did an exemplary job of controlling the flow of the parade and the flow of traffic. They also displayed a courtesy that I hadn’t seen before. We were standing under scaffolding and one cop made a first pass even saying “please” after asking folks to get off the scaffolding. Of course the influx of people meant new attendees would climb on up and as time went on the bullhorn batteries wore out and he would just walk by motioning downward and shouting “off”, “off”, “off”. Too funny.

Another thing I noted. I’ve known for some time that police departments around the U.S., because of their union affiliations, only bought U.S. makes of vehicles. This is true here in Providence, it’s either Chevy, Ford or Chrysler.

But in NYC, I noted a few police cruisers with Nissan badges on the grille. They look like new Altima’s or possibly Maximas. I didn’t get a rear view to confirm.

But I find that really interesting. Myself, I prefer Nissan and Mazda to Honda and Toyota.

Another thing I note about NYPD – they’re not such great ambassadors because they’re not information fonts. This was evident trying to find the Megabus pickup point in NYC today because on not one but TWO different occasions they told us it was in the bus station. That’s one fact about Megabus btw, they don’t stop at stations. Lines like Greyhound, CoachUSA, et al negotiate dock rates with the stations and they are fairly hefty. So Megabus just goes on the periphery.

Perhaps the City of New York should invest in city ambassadors – maybe put em’ in Yellow like our Downtown Improvement District guys here in Providence. Or train the cops on the common things for travelers – subway info, bus info, things like that. Let them be the ones that the public learns to trust.

3 thoughts on “Addendum on NYC LGBT Pride

  1. NYC cops really are not great info sources. When I’m in NYC ust not knowing. Normally I gently intervene to give the right info, and the cop normally appreciates that. I grew up in NYC but haven’t lived there for about 40 years. … P.S. If you want info, ask someone to use their smart phone to look it up on the web, lol.

    1. Well – I did look it up on my phone but I was met with disbelief because after all someone had lived on 10th Ave. at one point some 30 years ago.

      So I announced to all – we will no longer take public transit to NYC. I’ll rent a car, and drive it there. I can get the car for $30 a day, parking about the same, and figure the same for two tanks of gas. Totals out to $240 or $80 per person and no bus hassles, etc. It’s what you’d pay on one of the big carriers round trip.

  2. A phrase did not take, should read: When I’m in NYC I often overhear a cop giving wrong or poor info or just not knowing.

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