This weekends Doings: NYC LGBT Pride 2012

So once again this year we stayed with a friend at the Edison Hotel in NYC. It’s right near Times Square.

This time out we took Megabus. The pickup in Providence was easy. There was their signature double-decker bus right at the intersection of Fountain St. and Dorrance St.

You can click to embiggen.

However there is one issue: The bus drops you at 7th Ave and 28th Street in NYC. More to the point the bus drops off in one place, and picks up for return in another at 10th Ave between 40th and 41st Streets.

The drop off location is 18 blocks from the hotel. So it’s a slight hike, about a mile which we can do without issue.

The pickup is confusing. If you count blocks coming from 9th Ave. the next over by logic should be 10th right? Nope, it’s still 9th.

Luckily the agents for Megabus are familiar with that scenario and had someone at that end telling us just to go up one block further. And if you need to contact Megabus dial 877-462-6342 (877-GO2-MEGA)

We were there for the LGBT Pride parade and once again it did not disappoint. It ran for about five hours and lots of spectacle. I’m still uploading video from my phone. All I can say with any confidence is that there’s one video in there that PoltGuy will love. It may well dwell on his Plenty O’ Purple page, as it’s a hot guy, in purple feathers and roller blades.

As I said, more to come!

More to come!

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