I don’t understand poor republicans

Or shall I say, economically disenfranchised Republicans. A lot of them play themselves as Libertarians but I’ve long known that libertarianism is not what I want in control of government power.

In essence, libertarianism is fend for yourself.

But here’s what grabs me. We had dinner with friends recently and one of them has anti-union, and anti-government views. And looking him up in the Central Voter Registration DB, I note he’s a registered Republican. I mean, if you’re going to call yourself a libertarian at least disaffiliate so our status code in the database goes from R to U.

The other day I had picked up a replacement AC plug to repair a fan and I noted it was made by Leviton. That person mentioned that they once worked for Leviton here in RI that paid them $15 an hour and it was a union shop.

I explained that I was dismayed that the plug was made in Mexico. And I said that even when he was making $15 an hour, prices for Leviton goods were approximately the same as they are now that they’re made in Mexico. So where does the difference from $15 to $1 an hour go? In the pockets of the shareholders of Leviton.

I also brought up Germany – they are one of the most prodigious nations in Europe and have been for some time. They’re a heavy manufacturer, and their national policy dictates 6 weeks a year in vacation time. Here in the U.S. you’re lucky to get 2 weeks, 3 if you work there for 10 years.

The best deal I ever had was when I worked for the state once. We were allowed to comp any overtime. It got to the point where after we moved our facilities I had 400 comp hours. I used 300 of those which if you divide 300 by 8 = 37.5 days or 5.3 weeks plus my two weeks or 7.3 weeks off. That was as close as I’ve ever gotten to the German standard.

But I couldn’t get the point across that unions have actually given us the short 8 hour work day, the five day work week, etc.

And if you haven’t been watching – it will be unions that get us universal single payer health care in the U.S. I mean, look at the nurses, they’ve been agitating like crazy.

Here’s the thing that got me though. The guy in question, he’s struggling financially.

It brings to mind the bumper sticker I saw back in 2004. There was a beat up blue Buick in the parking lot with a Bush/Cheney 2004 bumper sticker on it.

Yes, that’s my go-to WTF! moment.

2 thoughts on “I don’t understand poor republicans

  1. People are quirky, and often find wayys to sabotage themselves.

    But are you puzzled by rich liberals, socialists, communists, anarchists? Of course their politics and actions really don’t harm them and their privileged status the way your friend harms himself with his class-contra views.

  2. My boss mentioned to me Thursday that she has a gay Republican friend who preaches liberty and fiscal responsibility. But both he and the party practice runaway debt. And of course neither the libertarians nor the GOP affirm individual liberty; they uphold corporate liberty and majority rule by the largest and most repressive churches.

    I think this happens because:
    1) they have been taught that their “values” are more moral than their neighbors’ values, no matter that their actions betray their values and their neighbors don’t conform to stereotype
    2) their primary values are pride and greed, and among social conservatives, these are unchallenged virtues
    3) they have been taught to compete in ways that undermine collaboration
    4) they are too proud and undisciplined to practice what they preach, which causes them to stagnate financially, educationally, and socially
    5) their poverty and self-chosen loss of opportunity, derived from the above factors, lead them to depend even more upon social “value” judgments against liberals, immigrants, women, Jews, and homosexuals, since they cannot claim to be financially or academically superior.

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