Speaker Fox in RI says house will vote on gay marriage in 2013 session

Really? Why now? Could it be the widespread condemnation of the civil union law which cowtows to the religious bigots out there? Or could it be the bait and switch move the Speaker pulled in 2011?

Or could it be Governor Chafee’s Executive Order that RI will recognize ANY marriage performed outside the state of RI, including same sex marriages?

It’s all just hot air. Every last bit of it. Fox saying he didn’t have the votes in 2011 is pure, unadulterated bovine effluent. I worked with MERI at the time and we had the house, and by that I mean locked! It was the opposition of Senate President M. Theresa Paiva-Weed that tanked the equality bill in 2011.

It’s funny, I went to the hearing and I knew the house judiciary committee was ready to vote to send it for a full vote. You could tell during the testimony that most of them had heard quite enough, ad infinitum from both sides and had decided that it was time.

But they didn’t move.

I’ll say it here – the way RI gets true marriage equality goes as follows:

In 2013 we will see the Federal DOMA fall. At that point a couple in Rhode Island who had obtained a civil union will attempt to exercise or claim federal benefit and be denied due to the fact that in Rhode Island it is a Civil Union, not a marriage.

At this point a federal lawsuit will be filed against the Speaker, Senate President an the rest of the legislative body under grounds of discrimination under the 14th U.S. Amendment and the plaintiffs will prevail.

Once again – why is the legislature showing such cowardice in this matter?

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