Month: June 2012

Ohio idiot wants to remove Buckeye tree because it’s “bisexual”

There are idiots out there in spades. The vast majority of the U.S. Population falls into this category and the latest is from Ohio, the Buckeye State. Seems a gentleman, and I use the term loosely, wants the state to ditch the Buckeye because he’s discovered the tree is, well I’ll let him say it himself:

“The buckeye is our state tree and most of us gladly wear the nickname, “buckeyes.” But it is shameful and unacceptable that a bisexual tree should represent us! We are flaunting the Holy Bible!

I urge everyone to contact their state representative and demand legislation removing the buckeye as our state tree and condemning the use of the term “buckeye” as a nickname for residents of Ohio.”

The guy in question is one Jim Flechtner.

I need to school Flechtner a bit. There are a number of tree and plant species that are in fact bisexual. Rose, Lilly, and other large flowered plants, Birch, Pine, Oak – all of them have both the male and female equivalent sex organs on the same tree or plant.

I wonder about the state of education in this country when idiots like Flechtner spout such ridiculous nonsense.

Doing a little digging on Flechtner I don’t find much other than the fact that he said something so ridiculous. But one hit does allude to his Christian beliefs.

And there I have the answer – Christianity is not itself education. It is dogma. True education teaches one critical thinking skills to be able to tell when someone is full of shit, and when they’re not.

They include

Gotta keep the ratings up

If you look over on the right, there’s a blog rating of NC-17.  I note the tool only scrubs the first page or so of a blog to determine it’s rating. Why? I re-ran my blog through it and this time got a G rating.

So in order to maintain my NC-17 rating, here goes;

ass, balls, cocksucker, cunt, fuck, motherfucker, piss, shit, tits

I’ll go further with this universal tool:

Fuck you, you fucking fuck!

Let’s see what my rating goes to now. It went to R, more to the point it seems to key on only certain words. Let’s strip the italics off the above and see:

ass, balls, cocksucker, cunt, fuck, motherfucker, piss, shit, tits

There it is, the use of the word ‘fuck’ four times in any one page of your blog  gets you an NC-17 rating. So let’s embellish a bit:

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

So that’s a total of 12, well make it 13 fucks. That nets the highest level of warning, NC-17.

So now the fun is out of the blog rating when I know what they use to determine the ratings.

An I.T. Tip or even property tip

So a friend of mine called me today. She was telling me that at her job they have a few servers and switches and they’re all tied to one duplex 20A dedicated circuit. Dedicated because the outlets are orange. But she found out that she had a serious under-volt condition at the outlet – and tracing it down she found out that the alleged dedicated outlet circuit was shared among three rooms, and in one there was a portable heater in operation.

I started laughing when I heard that. You see, I’ve been through massive transition projects moving serious I.T. infrastructure, and adding infrastructure. That includes telecom services, data services, finding bonded and insured  carriers to move servers, working with electricians to determine outlet, data and phone taps at each position, and coordinating service cuts and re-implements. Yes, been there not once but three times now and got the t-shirt, the briefcase etc.

If there are two factors you have to consider with I.T. it’s power first, and then cooling. Stuffing servers in unventilated closets is just inviting disaster.

So at one job I did the specifications for power and cooling. We had redundant 2 ton cooling, an APC Symetra (The 3 19″ rack cabinets worth) and a 125kW natural gas fired generator with auto-trip. In fact I in the move I had even recommended we replicate the DNS zone for the state in our office since we did indeed have redundant power. That got quashed by upper management but 8 months after we’d moved in we had a massive power outage in the city. All our systems were up and running, but we couldn’t get out and nobody could get in. You see, the state DNS had gone belly up. Ah well.

But the thing that stood out in the last move/transition  was the building management.  My friend told me about how the property manager had outright lied to her. I recommended that my friend and her boss record all interactions with the property manager from this point forward.

When we had moved that facility we put out an RFP and got back 8 responses. And we traipsed out and looked at each. Now mind you the RFP specified x number of parking places, easy access on public transit, things like that. You’d be shocked how many of these properties didn’t meet our requirements.

But the last one was an old iron goods foundry. When we toured the building it was a mess but the owner and management were professionals and we negotiated in good faith. The time scale was six months from signing of the lease to move in date. And that company was Everet Amaral – the work he and his crew did received a reward from the RI State Council on the Arts:

Project Award to Everett Amaral and his innovative conversion of the Rhode Island Tool Complex (1853-1954) into first-class office space.

More here

It was a joy to work with them, the engineers at APC, etc. I suppose when the money is available you can get great things done.

But talking to my friend I realized something. I could make a space for myself working as tenants representative. I know what it takes to have Class A office space – and I know how to translate requirements for it.

But the thing you have to remember with property managers is this: Everything in writing or recorded. Actually you don’t need to do that until they screw you at least once.  Once they’ve done so you have to shorten the leash.


When the U.S. was capable of greatness and how we can get there again

I think one of the shining moments of human achievement happened during the 1960’s with the space program.

I’ve been watching the Moon Machines series on YouTube.  For example, here’s part 1 of the Lunar Rover:

The Apollo program employed, as the program likes to say, over 400,000 engineers and technicians spread across hundreds of companies. Think about that for a moment.

Tell me, what projects and ideas could we use to push the United States firmly into the 21st and 22nd century?

I’ve written a lot about what I consider to be a disruptive change that we could accomplish and I’ll elaborate:

We need alternative energy sources but the key factor is that all of them have to produce electricity. If there is one thing we have learned over time is that electric power is the most efficient energy transmission method. So in that vein I am focusing on a common object that nearly everyone has or uses. It’s the motor vehicle.

Put it this way, there were over 60 million cars produced in 2011. As to the number of them on the road, it’s just shy of a billion cars. With an  average of 12,500 miles per year and you get the following emissions per vehicle:

  • Carbon Dioxide: 11,450lbs
  • Carbon Monoxide: 575lbs
  • Nitrous Oxide: 38.2lbs
  • Hydrocarbons: 77.1 lbs

Now let’s exten those out by the billion cars:

  • Carbon Dioxide:  11,450,000,000,000lbs – 11.45 Trillion Pounds of CO2
  • Carbon Monoxide: 575,000,000,000lbs – 575 Billion Pounds of CO
  • Nitrous Oxide:  38,200,000,000 – 38 Billion Pounds of NO2
  • Hydrocarbons: 77,100,000,000 – 77.1 Billion Pounds of Hydrocarbons

Those are the four main pollutant groups for land based motor vehicles and excludes ships that use bunker oil.

13 Trillion pounds of pollutants. We can do better.

Now imagine if we put the money and talent behind electric energy storage devices. This is a game changer in a few respects as cars require about 20kW at a minimum. Your house on average uses about 1kW per hour.

So how do we pay for this? It’s simple, cut the military and Pentagon budgets by 33% to 50%. But don’t just put the money aside. Instead put it into advance research and development. Shore up the electric vehicles. Because I truly believe that we can create a battery of sorts that can store enough energy to propel a motor vehicle for 500+ miles between charges, and that we can also charge that battery pack withing 15 to 20 minutes.

Then of course there are government incentives to ditch internal combustion machines and change out for electric vehicles. Massive subsidies – again all of the money won’t go into R&D.

The positive impacts:

1) You no longer need a large military machine to protect the oil lifeline. Instead they can be purely for the defense of the country only. No foreign misadventure anymore.

2) The environmental benefits would be astounding.  Imagine 13 Trillion pounds of pollutants and contaminants removed from our atmosphere. Incidence of asthma and other respiratory diseases would decrease. And then there’s noise, internal combustion engines waste a lot of energy as noise.

3) The Middle East radicals would be denied money to propagate their twisted views. Foreign policy gets a lot easier when we’re not subsidizing radicalism.

In essence, it would be another moon shot program of sorts, only this time one that directly benefits EVERYONE in the world.



RI Pride 2012 – Videos

This is just the first small batch of video of the parade yesterday.

Setting up the reviewing stand:

You’ll note the gates being setup. They only did this on Weybosset Street.

If you look to the center right in this video you see little boy swinging a sword around, hence the title “Someone Needs Jedi Training”:

The last float in the parade gets several points because it had a pretty good lit up front end. I really should get involved with thee groups and teach them about EL Wire and Super Bright LED’s though. EL Wire is sort of what they used in the original Tron movie, though in more colors now. Super Bright LED’s are interesting, they’re tiny as hell but the heat sink and carrier assembly is huge. If you’re curious about what you can do with EL Wire:

On with the videos:

The next to last truck float, it seems to be a castle motif – I recognize the song though. Had the requisite cute but not rail thing twinks on it too. They’re mostly at the end of the float.

The next float had a Carribbean/Latino theme to it:

Ok, I referred to it above. Light – if you notice we were directly across from the reviewing stand. See how brightly lit PPAC is, that should be your goal. Or if you’ve ever seen the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disney, that’s another inspiration. And no flashlights!

That is, if you’re going to have an illuminated parade it doesn’t mean streetlights either.

Gay Pride Providence – the Pro Forma

So the Pride Festival was the usual. Nothing to really report other than no cape policy should be enforced, and walking around with a pet boidae and not a feather boa, well, it’s amusing that your snake is so cool that it just stays wrapped around you.

Then of course there was the young guy in a pair of tight briefs and again a cape! Did these people not watch the Incredibles?.  In fact there were a small gaggle of shirtless twinks.

Mother nature had her revenge though. Once the sun set the temperatures dropped into the the high 50’s. I know I was cold, I imagine the emaciated little things were freezing.

I also noted that of the major floats, not one had a major corporate sponsor. We had the usual cast like Staples, Blue Cross, Lifespan, etc. march through but the floats on the trucks were just thematic. One was the Time Warp theme from Rocky Horror Picture Show. The other was a castle motif with fog machine and red lit swords and dancing boys and girls.

And as usual we had the Extraordinary Rendition Band leading the parade, and followed a few groups later by the Lesbian and Gay Big Apple Corps.  When they got to the reviewing stand they did James Brown, then followed up with the one by Taio Cruz with Dynamite. One of my favorite little tunes:


I’ll be posting pix and videos soon. Just got in not too long ago.


When your Amazon suggestions get interesting

So I bought a book on Backtrack 5 some time ago. Then of course I’ve bought Kevin Mitnick’s “Ghost in the Wire”. So my suggestions on Amazon now include:

Books about the human brain

How to Disappear

Mitnick’s The Art of Deception and Art of Intrusion

Hacking and Penetration testing books

Books on SSH and NMAP.

Social engineering books

Books about lock picking.

Granted I know this is my total buying history over time. So I can understand how it’s getting slanted. It’s just scary. Why is it scary – because I have an interest in pretty much all the above.