Month: June 2012

NetRoots 2012 notes

First thing this morning I attended Taking Offense in State Elections. Representatives from AFSCME and Planned Parenthood were the primary speakers. We heard a lot about Wisconsin, and the attacks on womens health care. But we also heard about petition strategies.

During the Q&A, one person mentioned the 800lb gorilla, Citizens United. The only real answer was the general moves against CU.

Next up is Comedy for Activists: Using satire, pranks and creative video for trouble-making. This one hasn’t started yet but the room is getting packed.

The presenters are Andrew Boyd, Lee Camp, Elon James White, and Lizz Winstead. I have to say the two funniest are Winstead and White they are both very insightful and funny.

Here’s part of a brank Andrew Boyd and Lee Camp did to protest the renaming of an auditorium in the Lincoln Center for David Koch. They object to him trying to whitewash his reputation.

Next session up is the Rhode Island Caucus at 2:00PM in room 553B. Should know some people in that one.

Places to eat and other info for Netroots Nation Attendees

Since it’s being hosted in my home city I feel I can make a few recommendations for food in Providence.

1) Los Andes on 903 Chalkstone Avenue, it is 1.6 miles from the Westin.
2) Sura – it is less than 1/2 mile on Westminster Street.
3) Angelo’s Civita Farnese on Federal Hill
4) Loi Fuller’s on Westminster St. I’ll provide a gmap link to these locations.
5) Phoenix Dragon Asian-Fusion on Broadway in Providence.

Taxis are available downtown near the Biltmore hotel and the Westin. Public transit is available for $2 per ride. RIPTA‘s hub is right in the plaza near the Biltmore and City Hall.

Key route informaton on RIPTA:

Route 92 will get you to Federal Hill.
Route 27 and Route 28 will get you to Broadway
Route 56 Chalkstone Avenue
Route 42 will get you out to Hope Street. A couple of recommendations for Indian food are Rasoi and Not Just Snacks.

Vist the RIPTA web site for more information on times.

Welcome to Providence and I look forward to meeting many of you.

No En Banc for the Prop 8 proponents

This is on MSNBC. The request for an En Banc hearing has been denied.

The proponents of Prop 8 now have 90 days to petition the U.S. Supreme Court for a writ of certorari.

The Supreme Court has two options, they can deny the appeal which would mean marriage equality across the 9th district, or they can accept and begin hearing arguments.

The timing is a little less than I’d like but I think even at the Supreme Court they can’t exist in vacuum.

It’s going to be an interesting summer.

Exactly what is it that Romney has to run on?

Because the latest from the Obama campaign pretty much lays it down:

Yes Willard, you are applying a double standard. So now you’ve managed to alienate the LGBT community, the women, the Latinos, and with your latest spin, the rest of the electorate.

So it begs the question, what does Willard Mitt Romney really have that he can run on?

He tanked the Massachusetts economy, he’s from privilege, he’ll say ANYTHING if he thinks it will improve his chances, he doesn’t care about poor people, likes firing people, and apologizes for whatever it was he did that he had to apologize for it.

I’m getting a strong impression here, one of all flash and no substance concerned Willard Mitt Romney.

Let’s do what we can to make him a tiny little footnote in history.

The Contributions of Immigrants

You know, with all the visceral hatred for immigrants running around I have to post this.

I found the video “Nikola Tesla: Master of Lightning” on YouTube.

And a thought struck me. Two men most responsible for our modern way of life were immigrants. Nikola Tesla gave us Alternating Current and a host of other inventions that are present in our everyday lives, and Guglielmo Marconi gave us radio. Both men power our present.

And while not an immigrant, a Mexican Miguel Alcubiere is the man who has given us the THEORY of warp drive. Yes – the theory as the power necessary hasn’t yet been achieved.

But the point I’m trying to make here is that when we turn immigrants away from our borders, we could potentially be turning away the future.

That is something to think about.

What I’m attending at NetRoots Nation

Thursday June 7th, 2012:
9:00 AM Ballroom B – Taking the Offense in State Elections
10:30AM 550 – Comedy for Activists: Using satire, pranks and creative video for troublemaking
12:00PM Exhibit Hall – Organizing Tools Shootout
1:30 PM Exhibit Hall – Bully: From Movie to Movement
2:00 PM 553B – Rhode Island Caucus
3:00 PM Ballroom E – Follow the Dark Money: Reporting Challenges in the Age of Citizens United
4:00 PM Ballroom B – Marriage Equality: Past, Present and Future
6:00 PM Hall C&D – Opening Reception
7:00 PM Hall A&B – Opening Keynote

Friday June 8th, 2012:

10:30 AM 552 – What Progressives Can Do to Stop The War on Public Education
1:30 PM Rotunda – Staffer-Blogger mixer
3:00 PM Marriage Equality Caucus
4:30 PM From Deval Patrick to Scott Brown to Elizabeth Warren: Massachusetts Elections and National Trends
6:00 PM Ignite @ Netroots Nation
7:00 PM Raid a Glass for the Working Class Sponsored by AFL-CIO

Saturday June 9th, 2012:
9:00 AM Exhibit Hall – Austerity No More: An Economy for the 99%
10:30 AM 553B – LGBT Caucus
1:30 PM Ballroom A – The War on Voting
3:00 PM 552 – Revitalizing State and Local Blogging

A pretty full plate for me. I wish I could clone and interlink myself because there are tons of sessions I’d love to attend. But I think I captured a nice enough range tailored to my interests.