Month: June 2012

So who is more familiar with Christianity

So I read something the other day that the average Christian kid, by age 18, receives 750 hours of Christian formation.

Now if I count the 12 years of Catholic schools, plus 8 solid years of church attendance, and then CCD classed to make my confirmation I arrive at 2,600 hours of religious formation. That’s 3.4 times as much as your standard Christian.

Near as I can tell a Catholic priest has to take about 90 credit hours of classes. Now a credit hour comes out to roughly 22 weeks of one hour or so. So 22 * 90 = 1,980.

So in essence my actual hours go further than that of a Catholic priest.

Yet I’m an atheist. It seems the better educated we are, the less likely we are to believe. Just look at the Jesuits for further proof as they all go for some seriously advanced degrees. I was taught by a few Jesuits and they were some of the best teachers I ever had.

But like I said, 2,600 hours versus 1,980 hours. I find that really interesting and it explains why they tried to recruit us when we were in high school. They being the Catholic church. And you dear reader already know my stance on that one. There was no way in hell I’d ever even consider joining the priesthood. The whole thing just smacked of weirdness to me.

NetRoots Nation 2012 in Providence, RI coming up!

Just six days to the beginning of NetRoots Nation. It’s being hosted in Providence, RI this year. The venue is the Rhode Island Convention Center.

I am a ten minute walk from the facility so you know I’ll be there. I downloaded the app for my Android phone, I love it. I was perusing the list of speakers and I’m astounded by the number of politicians, union leaders, and even some folks I know.

I can’t wait. And I’m having a hard time picking the sessions I want to attend. It’s bewildering.

I hope to see some fellow bloggers at the event too!

Happy Gay Pride Month

I am sort of stealing this from Patently Queer but here’s my take on it:

Gay flags in downtown Providence

Yes that is the Gay Flag hanging from City Hall in Providence and on the light posts too.

So Happy Gay Pride Month. I’ll be at Providence Pride and NYC Pride this year.

A proposal to stop job outsourcing

This started as a comment on Facebook but I feel a need to expound on it a bit.

It starts of course with Bank of America shedding 30,000 people and then sending a lot of those jobs to the Philippines.

With that in mind here is the proposal:

A federal law, call it STOP for Stop The Outsourcing Project.

STOP would penalize each company by taking the dollar amount of compensation for each job proposed for outsourcing, and multiplying it by 400%. Then the company would have to pay that fine and the money from the fine would be split 50/50 between the employee being outsourced and the government. And the employees 50% should be TAX FREE. After all the government is getting half the money from the fine anyhow.

So as an example, imagine an employee making $45,000 per year. The 400% of that would be $180,000. The employee would get two years salary tax free, the government gets the same amount. This brings me to my second point.

Of the $90,000 the government gets, half should go to regulatory bodies to enhance regulation of banks and stock and bond trading. The remainder could go into federal unemployment insurance funds, or anything that helps the people instead of the corporation.

But I’m a realist, I have a blog that gets hit about 100 times a day. I’d need a much larger audience and a lot more money that I don’t have and will never have because I cannot compete with the billionaires who run our political system.