Month: July 2012

Dinner Tonight: Almond encrusted salmon

Just a simple one tonight, Almond encrusted salmon and Broccoli Rabe.

I love almonds – we usually have them in the house. And I had gone looking for lobster yesterday but only found salmon. So the idea popped into my head:

Almonds would make a nice coating for salmon.

The recipe – says it’s only good for 8oz. of salmon but I used this with 1.5lbs of salmon and it came out perfectly.

1.5lb salmon, cut into 4oz portions
2 Eggs – whites only, discard yolks
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup chopped almonds (Food processor does a nice consistency here)
Zest from one lemon
2Tbsp chopped parsley

Put almonds, lemon zest and parsley in food processor. Run it for a good minute or so. Get it all chopped up.

Empty into dish.

Season salmon with salt and pepper and dredge both sides in flour. This one gets messy.

Brush egg whites on tops of floured salmon. Then dredge salmon in almond mixture.

Over medium heat, heat two tablespoons olive oil.

Fry the salmon, almond side down, for 5 minutes, turn over and cook for 5 more minutes.

It’s delicious – simple, and being I love salmon, this rates up there with the cider/brown sugar salmon I did a couple years ago. Speaking of which I have to make that one again.

And yes, there is leftover salmon.

Voter ID: Sometimes I just can’t help myself

So I heard the news today that AG Holder is calling the Voter ID law in Texas a poll tax. And I also saw that DOJ is going after Florida for it’s voter roll purges.

So it prompted me to send the following to Speaker Gordon Fox and Senate President M. Theresa Paiva-Weed, as well as to Rep. Michael Tarro and Sen. Paul Jabour in RI:

And in other news, AG Holder calls Texas Voter ID law a poll tax. And here in RI you geniuses in the legislature by enacting our Voter ID law, you actually opened up an avenue for fraud to occur. I’ll let you read the act of course but it’s because you can use a HEALTH CLUB ID card as proof. That is easily spoofed.

But what you need to know is that since 2008, RI has used a Central Voter Registration Database. You’ve probably purchased a copy for your own uses in elections. But the point I’m making is that the database exposed what little fraud there was in RI. It’s time to take a look at the Voter ID Act here and get rid of it. I find it highly abhorrent since it’s only real purpose, in my view, is to disenfranchise voters. And I’m surprised it made it through our legislature.

I can’t help myself but to point out idiocy wherever I see it. Be it in the laws of the city, state or federal governments, or the general ineptitude of legislators, I love hitting them where it hurts.

Another reason Romney aka Rmoney shouldn’t be President

This is from 2007 – but it’s relevant:

The man is dying – only marijuana alleviates his symptoms, and he cannot tolerate synthetic cannabis.

The things that come out of Rmoney’s mouth are just stunningly ignorant.

And in other news, it seems that there might be another reason that Willard Mitt Rmoney doesn’t want to issue his tax returns. Seems he registered to vote at his sons house in MA, but the returns would show him living elsewhere.

Voter fraud is a felony – here’s to hoping someone digs deeper on this one.

What is really wrong with the U.S. economy

It’s a crisis of faith to some degree. But with recent news of the London Inter Bank Offer Rate (LIBOR) you begin to understand to some degree the pervasive nature of it.

Take consumer credit – it’s tied to the prime rate in most cases. And the prime rate, it’s determined in part by LIBOR!

A massive ripoff – I did a little playing around with various interest rates on a $1,000 debt for 12 months at 10% interest. You end up paying $1,054.98, not too bad.

But lets say because of LIBOR – you now pay 15% – you end up paying back $1,083.09. Sure, it’s only a difference of $28.11. But now multiply it out by the number of credit card holders – probably 100 million people. That’s an additional $28,110,000.

It’s high time we regulate the banks again. Scrap the insurance company/bank merger bit, and break up a few national banks. You’ll see interest rates drop, and better yet an easing of credit.

Another industry ripoff I see is the utility game. Wire line phone service is one of them, and it’s only getting worse. The phone systems have gotten so automated that labor costs were greatly reduced. And the bell companies get good rates from electric providers. But yet they milked the customer for all we are worth – what with the fees and such. Even VOIP isn’t immune.

Hell – a regular Verizon pots line around here is $45 without any features. A phone you can’t take with you. Meanwhile for an additional $5 per month over what a wireline phone would cost, I have not only phone service I can take with me, but sms, web, email, facebook, flickr, kindle – you name it.

Electric providers are another case. The cost of electricity here is going down because natural gas prices are going down. Yes, all to do with all that fracking which I find distasteful, but electricity prices are dropping by 21% around here. So what does National Grid do, but hike the distribution charges.

We should never have deregulated utility providers. We’ve found out what deregulation really does, it destroys the environment, destroys consumers, and all in all is just a REALLY bad idea.

Think about it, all this money we pay to companies just because they can charge what they want, if we pumped that back into the economy instead of into the pockets of the utility shareholders!

Dignity in Death: Choosing to Die by Terry Pratchett

Go and watch this video.

Talk about dignity. Dignity in choosing to go out of clear mind but broken body. Dignity to take ones own life when they feel they’ve had enough, that they won’t succumb to the ravages of disease.

The reason I believe assisted suicide is illegal in the United States and in the Westernized world has to do with religion. If you delve into Christianity, Islam and even Judaism to some degree there is that destiny, that submission to a deity. It is why suicide itself is so abhorrent to people of a religious bent. It is because they see it as a circumvention of said deity’s will. In other words, how dare you take the life given to you by god.

But I look at it this way – I would much prefer to end my own life if I know that the ravages of disease are going to make me suffer for a period of months, or even years. I would much prefer to take myself out, with the assistance if necessary of a medical professional. Just slip the needle in and it’s over.

Here’s to hoping that someday our governments will see their way clear to allow assisted suicide.


More on the Dorr War

I’m now 41% through the book, at Chapter 8 titled “There is Danger Here”. (Location 884 of 2156).

Not going to spill much detail, you have to read it if you’re a Rhode Islander, or even if you’re not.

All I can say is the mid 19th century wasn’t a good time for all. You had the misogynistic, racist elements in control. You had obstinate legislators (Hmm, that sounds familiar!) and at one point two competing governments in the state at the time.

It’s really fascinating.

Why you’re starting to see more LED TV’s

It’s for a very simple reason, or reasons.

1) LED’s are super cheap. I can get a bag of 100 3mm LED’s for $1.95 – the effective cost per LED is 2 cents each. If you are an electronics geek hit Marlin P. Jones Associates, Inc.. They’ve got some good deals on stuff.

2) Current LCD TV’s use fluorescent tubes which require AC current. This means inverters need to be on most TV’s. This is expensive.

With LED’s all your really need to do is limit the current a little bit, something easily accomplished with resistors which are also cheap passive devices. No transformers, no oscillators, just LED/Resistor combination.

So that’s why we’re seeing more LED TV’s come out. They’re less expensive to make.