A Primary worth voting in RI House 8 and Senate 5

So in the House of Representatives we have not one but THREE people running for the seat now occupied by Rep. Michael Tarro. The other two contestants are former city councilor and acting mayor John Lombardi, and Libby Kimzey.

Now there’s even competition on the Senate side. We have the incumbent Paul V. Jabour facing challenger Maura Kelly.

Now here’s the interesting part – I looked up Maura Kelly in the Central Voter Registration Database and don’t show her as registered in Providence. More of a concern is that Friends of Maura Kelly does not exist as a registered corporation in the State of Rhode Island.

I’ve got her little door piece in my hand and I see she was an associate at Point Judith Capital. Sorry – I don’t want an associate from a venture capital firm as my state Senator.

6 thoughts on “A Primary worth voting in RI House 8 and Senate 5

  1. Marriage Equality RI is running a slate of candidates, including in the district you mention. I will be able to let you know by next Thursday the candidates MERI is endorsing. MERI is endorsing Libby Kimzey. I’m not sure about the Senate race.

  2. Here’s Maura Kelley’s bio from her campaign web site, including info on her work at Point Judith Capital:

    “Times have changed, and so has Providence. I’ll stand up for our neighborhoods and get the job done for you.”

    Maura Kelly is an experienced community organizer who has devoted her life to public service. She is currently the Community Outreach Specialist for the Rhode Island Department of Education, where she works to ensure that families and local communities have a voice in their public schools.

    Maura’s parents were lifetime public school teachers. Maura’s mother Joanne Casellini was a high school teacher and guidance counselor. She was the daughter of an Italian-American businessman. Her father Edward Kelly was a high school English teacher and coach. Edward’s father was an Irish American who left high school after the ninth grade to go to work at a local Bethlehem Steel plant to support his family and ultimately rose to the position of Office Manager. Ed and Joanne both left the East Coast to attend college and settled in South Bend, Indiana, home of the Notre Dame ‘Fighting Irish’.

    Maura was an active youngster, who excelled in a variety of activities at her public high school before winning a scholarship to the University of Notre Dame. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in Political Science and Spanish in 2003. Further, she was honored as a Phi Beta Kappa inductee and the recipient of the John Gardner Student Leadership Award, given to the graduate who best demonstrates the University’s commitment to service.

    Awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, Maura spent the year after her graduation from Notre Dame in Brazil. There she studied participatory democracy and worked as a volunteer for Terra de Direitos, a human rights advocacy organization that worked on behalf of the landless rural workers movement.

    Upon her return to the U.S., Maura worked in Chicago as a community organizer and directed the New Americans Initiative for the Southwest Organizing Project. In that role she organized for safer schools, immigrant rights, and safe, affordable, and sustainable neighborhoods on the city’s southwest side.

    In 2010 Maura attained a Master’s Degree in Public Policy at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, studying economics, statistics, and state and local finance. While at Princeton, she also attained a certificate in the Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy Program.

    Maura’s older sister Kara moved to Rhode Island eleven years ago. While visiting Kara, Maura fell in love with the Ocean State and decided to move here after completing her graduate degree. After graduation from Princeton, Maura took a job with Point Judith Capital, a venture capital firm in Providence, dedicated to building successful early stage businesses in Rhode Island and elsewhere. She left that job in the fall of last year to work for Rhode Island’s Department of Education. The product of strong public schools, Maura is deeply invested in the effort to improve the public school system in the Ocean State.

    Outside of her professional life, Maura has:

    Served as a mentor for Year Up Rhode Island
    Served as a mentor for Social Venture Partners of Rhode Island
    Served as a founding Advisory Board member of the Rhode Island Campaign for Achievement Now

    Maura lives with her dog, Ruby, on the West Side of Providence and is a member of St. Mary’s Parish.

    1. But it is odd that I cannot find a voter record for her, nor is her Friends of Maura Kelly registered with the Secretary of State. So there’s something mighty fishy going on there.

      In fact when I query her name I get two people, one born 1958, one born 1987.

    1. 8 months? Come on, that isn’t nearly enough time for her to know her constituency.

      And I still maintain, how can someone running for office NOT be registered to vote? And then there is the question of the party paying for her ads, they are NOT registered with the Secretary of State’s Corporations Division.

      Those two factors, along with yours make me extremely suspicious.

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