Signs and Portents – How I know climate change is real

I’ve been watching, reading and digesting the whole climate change argument. I thought it might be useful to talk about the things I’ve seen here in Providence, RI over the past two to three years that indicate the argument is that climate change is in fact, true.

1) Temperatures – we have been a few degrees above normal average for a few years now. And prior to this you might get an 80F day in February, but this past winter temps were way above normal, never dipping into single digits. And temperatures shot up in March of this year.

2) Flooding – two years ago we had major flooding in Providence, Cranston, and other parts of the state in April. This jibes with the temperature increase as more heat energy means more storms, more storms mean more rain and the attendant flooding. I still hear little reports of flooding in different interior parts of the state over the past couple years too.

3) The higher temps also mean water bodies are warmer. It also means warm water fish species are coming into our rivers. This attracts water fowl, an even seals which in turn attract sharks.

I’ll know if it is a continuing trend this winter. I suspect it just may be.

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