A thorough debunk of the Regnerus ‘study’

I’ll let you read it. This needs to be shared far and wide – to everyone you know.

Because it is a classic debunking of NOM’s subterfuge. The bigots at NOM got caught with their pants down when the memo surface a while back. You know the memo that said drive a wedge between the LGBT and African-American communities, and to find people with professional credence to help propel their cause.

And what do you know, they found a University of Texas professor by the name of Mark Regnerus. I’m sorry but with such a sloppy sociological study why is Regnerus still employed by UT? He should be bounced out post haste.

But the truth comes out, Regnerus is of course a fucking Catholic. That seems to be the core of NOM’s existence, Catholicism.

Or more to the point fundamentalist Catholicism. I don’t know where these people got their training in Catholicism. But I can tell you as a product of twelve years of Catholic schools, I have a rather different view of the whole thing, enough so I can go head to head with most priests on matters of dogma.

Maybe it’s because I was in while the effects of Vatican II were still being felt, before that mutt Pope John Paul II decided to evangelize the church and scrap the progressive reforms of Vatican II.

But my point is, we now know our enemy, it is the Roman Catholic Church. So what are we going to do?

2 thoughts on “A thorough debunk of the Regnerus ‘study’

  1. Way before Vatican II, when I was in Catholic school we were taught that the purposes of marriage were along these lines:

    … First and foremost …. Companionable Love. Love between partners, helping each to become a better person and a both to become better members of their communities.

    … Generative Love. … Contributing to the welfare of the next generation, not necessarily through procreation. Married people had a special obligation to the next generation, even if they had no kids. This might be willingly paying taxes fro schools and working to make them better, teaching, coaching, helping parents with their kids, etc. Procreation or adoption of course is another expression of generative love.

    … Spiritual Love. … Learning to deeply appreciate the dignity and humanity of another person through a special intimacy.

    … Communitarian Love … Helping to create a better community and society.

    … Christian Love )for some) … If married in a Christian sacramental marriage, reflecting and demonstrating in a special way Christ’s love for his church and for all of humanity.

    Of course this view of marriage is perfectly compatible with gay marriage. Maybe that’s why they have reduced marriage to procreation. At least that formula recognizes that we are an animal species too. But on the other hand we as a species have been liberated from estrus and therefore can mate for reasons other than procreation.

    1. Yeah – like I said I think I hit the Catholic schools at just the right time where the effects of Vatican II were in full swing. From the relaxation of dress code for the priests, nuns and brothers, to the liberalization of theology.

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