Megachurches – the reality

So I was on the phone with my friend this evening and she gave me some dirt on the churches of Eddie Long and Creflo Dollar.

Seems that to be a member of either church you must have a credit score greater than 700 and you must tithe 30% of your income to the church.

There’s an old saw, that to be a politician, lawyer or preacher you must have larceny in your heart.

And when you consider the average wage in the section of Georgia where these churches are situated is about $40K per year. After tax that’s about $26,400 – and 35% of that is $9,240 leaving you $17,160 or $1,430 per month!

Now those churches hold say 2,000 people. $9,240 times 2,000 = $18,400,000 per year. No wonder they roll in finery – because that is grand larceny! And every dime of it is tax free. Talk about the ultimate con!

I suppose I missed my calling – but then I have too much integrity to con people out of their money.

Never trust a megachurch preacher. Never, never, never never.

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