Nones/Atheists now count 19% of the U.S.

None aka atheists now number a full 19% of the United States.

There is a line in the linked article about the downward pressure on atheism that says “…disproportionately young, often single, and highly educated..”

Of the more significant parts of that is the highly educated people. The more educated you are, the less likely you are to believe in a higher being or power.

And here in the northeast I’d say we number closer to 25%. All your well known and significant institutes of higher learning are in the Northeast and on the West coast.

Imagine – one in four who do not believe in a god. That’s fantastic.

I’ve long been an atheist – since I was a teenager. I went to the best schools in the local area, so it’s no wonder I don’t believe.

And in my career, which is in the I.T. field – the last place I worked had six people in my unit, 3 of us atheists. So in that case 50%.

I’m glad that religious belief is fading away. It’s nothing but a waste of time to be honest.

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