Dignity in Death: Choosing to Die by Terry Pratchett

Go and watch this video.

Talk about dignity. Dignity in choosing to go out of clear mind but broken body. Dignity to take ones own life when they feel they’ve had enough, that they won’t succumb to the ravages of disease.

The reason I believe assisted suicide is illegal in the United States and in the Westernized world has to do with religion. If you delve into Christianity, Islam and even Judaism to some degree there is that destiny, that submission to a deity. It is why suicide itself is so abhorrent to people of a religious bent. It is because they see it as a circumvention of said deity’s will. In other words, how dare you take the life given to you by god.

But I look at it this way – I would much prefer to end my own life if I know that the ravages of disease are going to make me suffer for a period of months, or even years. I would much prefer to take myself out, with the assistance if necessary of a medical professional. Just slip the needle in and it’s over.

Here’s to hoping that someday our governments will see their way clear to allow assisted suicide.


3 thoughts on “Dignity in Death: Choosing to Die by Terry Pratchett

  1. I rather doubt it; governments being pressured as they are (at least ours). However, people determined to kill themselves will do so; no government will stop them.

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