Month: July 2012

NOM’s Phony Victim Campaign marches on

This time with Damian Goddard, a Canadian sportscaster.

Since you’ve watched the video – recall that Goddard was told his contract was being canceled. Lots of entertainment contracts limit political and religious expression. So he had to have known he’d catch static, in fact he says he thought he might be suspended which fully proves he knew of the provision in his contract.

The bigots at NOM have blocked me posting comments on their YouTube page. But let me just say that the video in question disables ratings an blocks people who might post opposing comments. So even if it has been viewed a couple thousand times, I wonder how many are NOM supporters – I suspect very few, probably around 29%.

In every case where NOM has portrayed a person as victim of the LGBT agenda, the true story is rarely told. Instead they just pick out mildly incendiary phrases and embellish, to make it look like the poor Catholic/Christian is being persecuted. The reality is, most of the people they’ve profiled knew full well what they were doing when they made their asinine comments. And then they’ll be all shocked that they breached employment contracts or rules and cry foul, that they’re being persecuted for their bigoted beliefs. Except we all know that isn’t the case.

As in all NOM does, it is mostly spin.

Catholic Church is $19 Million in the red

I love it. The Vatican has a $19 million hole in it’s budget.

This of course explains the offensive against the Sisters Religious that the Vatican has been pursuing over the past few months. Of course the church is pissed that the Sisters aren’t toeing the line regarding gay marriage, or contraception and instead pursuing social justice. But that’s just the cover story – the Sisters Religious hold a hell of a lot of liquid property. But I suspect the Vatican won’t be successful in this subterfuge and that the sisters would rather schism than bow to the Vatican.

I wonder how long before they start selling indulgences, or seats in the College of Cardinals. It’d be quite funny I might even entertain the idea of buying a seat. And just imagine, being the political animal I am, you might have Pope Anthony of Napoli!

4th of July 2012

A very low key, very relaxing 4th. Spent it with friends in the burbs. They did shoot off most of the fireworks last night though.

Today we watched the series “The Revolution” on Netflix.

And me, went through a six of Newcastle Brown Ale. At the current time I have consumed 1/3 of another six pack tonight. So good for midweek.

Had some grilled burgers , squash and corn this evening.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

The epitomy of Republican Stupidity

I’ve written about the generalized idiocy of the Republican party adherents in the past. Be it from someone who is anti-union yet made one of the highest wages in his life because of a union, to beat up cars with Bush/Cheney ’04 bumper stickers and their like.

The Republican party in general has catered to the idiot fringe.

And we recently saw that one of the platform planks of the Texas Republican Party is the rejection of HOTS, or Higher Order Thinking Skills aka Critical Thinking.

But this cartoon sums it up nicely:

Young Gay Man glitters bigots at General Mills Protest

This is priceless. The bigots really do get offended by little reflective pieces of multicolored material otherwise known as glitter.

Watch the video:

Assault? Really? The definition under the law in most jurisdictions for assault to occur contain language that it must create an imminent perception of fear. Those bigots weren’t fearful of the glitter of the young gay man, they were disgusted by it and expressed that disgust in trying to denigrate him.

Another interesting thing about the video is that it shows just how few the bigots really number.

Here is to my brothers and sisters in Minnesota – may you prevail in your quest to reject that horrible amendment!

A Primary worth voting in RI House 8 and Senate 5

So in the House of Representatives we have not one but THREE people running for the seat now occupied by Rep. Michael Tarro. The other two contestants are former city councilor and acting mayor John Lombardi, and Libby Kimzey.

Now there’s even competition on the Senate side. We have the incumbent Paul V. Jabour facing challenger Maura Kelly.

Now here’s the interesting part – I looked up Maura Kelly in the Central Voter Registration Database and don’t show her as registered in Providence. More of a concern is that Friends of Maura Kelly does not exist as a registered corporation in the State of Rhode Island.

I’ve got her little door piece in my hand and I see she was an associate at Point Judith Capital. Sorry – I don’t want an associate from a venture capital firm as my state Senator.

Funny Facebook Commenting

This time on my part:

A friend had posted how she hates the saying “live, laugh, love”. I commented with the following:

“I much prefer the old Latin: Vini, Vidi, Vici” – I came, I saw, I conquered.